Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday. Not Sunday.

My commitment to myself was off by an hour! Sunday shall have two posts because of that. :)

When you fall off the wagon, you get right back on.

I just wanted to take some time to talk about someone that I really admire.

My aunt. She is always so kind. She knows what's really important in life. She knows it's the people around you. She's always laughing, always smiling, and pretty upbeat. She is a fantastic story teller and she's very LOUD. Her hugs take your breath away, literally. Her food is always a labor of love and I can TASTE the love that she puts in.

She is always giving, which my mom doesn't always agree with. I firmly believe that "Givers Gain" and that you may not see the dividends NOW but eventually, the energy of the world balances that out. People like my aunt are VERY LOVED. There will always be a place for her to stay or people that would take care of her. She would never be alone. So anyway, she's the type of person where if your birthday is coming up, she will make you one of her fantastic cakes! I'll have to attach a picture on here... So, yesterday when we went to the wake, she mentioned that her daughter (my cousin) has a love affair with shoes and left behind a lot when she went back up to New York after Christmas. She asked me what my size was. I said, "7." And she said, "I'll see what her size is; she has a lot of boots, you can have hers!" I was blown away. I love love love boots. But that was a small snippet of conversation in the context of lots of verbiage. I had completely forgotten about it after we spent the whole day together yesterday, conversing in the car, eating over dinner, and going grocery shopping at the Vietnamese supermarket.

She called my mom this morning and asked when I'd be awake, and I could groggily hear my mom speaking to someone the whole morning, and later on I learned that she was trying to coordinate when to come over so she could give boots to me and watch me try them on! Aw! :) Probably the best news I've ever received in the morning! She COMPLETELY made my day. Her kindness, really warms my heart. :) She brought 4 pairs of boots, and even some clothes too.

I have to admit, before my huge change in attitude, I was never that open with my aunt (there was still love of course) -- but it's really like we're getting to know each other for the first time. I knew all along that she was fantastic, but HOW fantastic she really is when my eyes are open to it, is still blowing my mind...