Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 in Review.

This has been an amazing year! I completed a lot of milestones this year and am currently undergoing some transitions. I went through a lot of tough times and gained tons of experience in the process. I feel like I'm growing and that I've matured since last year.

Here are my end of year highlights of 2011 after much deliberation:
-Participated in my first Triathlon Sprint on May 28th and getting 4th in my age group (despite there only being 4 in my age group, haha).
-Running 3 miles continuously.
-Joined a gym in October and committing to working out since then.
-Limited alcohol intake to 1x a month starting in September.
-Traveled to China for 2 and a half weeks. Meeting amazing people. Seeing amazing things. Eating delicious food. Shanghai. Yangtze River. Xi'an. Beijing. Hong Kong!
-Back on the dating wagon.
-Finally tried gymnastics classes.
-Completed 2 hip hop classes. :)
-Finished my undergraduate career.
-Garnered a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Management Information Systems.
-Took a course in Wine Appreciation as a senior and feeling completely comfortable with wine now.
-Started full-time employment in the Program Management Office at Chevron.
-Hosted 2 Project Managers meetings.
-Received my first performance review.
-Aired out some tough topics with my parents.
-Got closer with my best friends.

Sigh. A new year is upon us. More introspection about what I aim for in the future to come. :)