Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alanis Morissette - Thank You.

Beautiful song.

It reminds me of the beautiful 90's.

My childhood.

I thank everything that happened in that time period. And no matter how much time passes, this song will always evoke something within me.

Thank you Alanis.

You're a beautiful shining star.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There are hardly poignant questions that really get to me. This one did.

"How would your life be different if you were in the habit of always improving something in an area of life that matters most to you?"

Monday, June 28, 2010

BE Team #8.

There was nothing better I've felt in a long time than screaming my heart out "GOOD AFTERNOON! IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!" to inaugurate the new Beyond Excellence Team #8.

After Team # 7 did their happy hug fest and whoopin and hollering, Dharmi and I had to show our pride. We had to show them what Team #6 was all about.

And boy did it feel GOOD.

I was entirely emotional during the whole graduation. All walls broke down when I saw the new graduates yelling out their vision statements. Just the intensity, the look in the faces of those that were about to unleash a whole lot of tenacity in this world of "good enough". I cried because I knew I had drifted. I cried because I saw in their faces, and felt what they felt, something that I couldn't bring out of myself for weeks. It's like a smell that you've known, once you smell it again, no matter how long it has been, it triggers you right back to that moment. The expressions on their faces and the powerful hand gesticulations is something I needed to see and hear.

I remembered the barriers I went through. I remember how I was dozens of times stronger once I left BE than when I was in BE. This is the place where I can be outrageously loud and scream my face off, cry my eyes out, and show my MF'ing bones and be considered absolutely normal.

I love myself. I told the new BE Team # 8, that it's about being a part of the Discover Family. It's about making every day a party, and you bring it to the table every day. When you wake up every morning, the world will ask - what time it is? And it's your choice to respond, it's time for me to wake up and make it a great day.

Thanks Team #8 for bringing that vitality and vigor I've forgotten.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Physical Signs.

Sweaty palms.


My heart beating fast.



My mind focused on absolutely one thing.

The same scenes playing out over and over in my mind.

I felt like a textbook specimen, but there was absolutely nothing I could do.

I lost control. I smiled, and thought to myself, I can let this control me, or I can smile and let the chips fall where they may. I will keep my cool.

It was the most difficult thing to say that night, I'll be leaving now. But I was so much more proud for being able to.

But it's time to get acquainted with some hobbies again! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm lovestoned.

I'm inspired to be a better person. All I can be.

My enthusiasm is sky rocketing. I am singing along to all the songs in my car; Rock band was epic tonight. My heart is getting way too excited, way too often. This is not going to be healthy for me at all (!!)

I also, feel the pitfalls harshly. Anything between me and him, whether it be time, physical barriers, social norms, whatever, makes me a bit frustrated.

The more I get to know about him, the more I'm pleasantly surprised. The icing continues to pile on this cake of awesomeness.

All these old feelings I've had in old relationships are resurfacing. It feels good. It feels like a me I haven't seen in a while. It feels like a 'me' I've had to divide and dole out equally, and now I'm ready to put forth an equal amount just to him.

Life is crazy. Life is good. Thank you life.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3.

I've seen this movie twice. In 3D and 2D.

The concept that resonated with me most, and made me cry absolutely hard was taking the time to tribute and appreciate the many inanimate objects that make our lives whole. It's also about letting go to our past and moving forward to our present. It's far easier said than done, but having the memory should be good enough. It does not require revisiting your past and reliving it.

But 3 cheers to these inanimate objects. It's our toys yes. It's our car. It's our computers. The items that we may trash when its fulfulled its usefulness but, if you were to resurrect these items decades later, memories would resurface. And to be quite honest, we throw these items away, replace them, because if we took note of how important these objects were, we would be emotionally deplete. :) EVERYTHING would affect us. People. Pets. Objects too?!

Some of my toys have greater meaning to me than some living things in my life. I'm glad that Toy Story 3 shed light on this facet. I never hear my toys speak. My favorite bear that I've had for years. Spilled in the oil on the street in my apartment complex. I've stopped looking at you and listening to you. But I love you. You sit patiently in my bed every night, loyal. I know that if there's ever a fire, you and my laptop are coming with me.

To be honest, possessions take up a lot of emotional memory. We already have challenges moving on from the past; items are a trigger just like a scent. I know it's something that just has to happen, but for once, these inanimate objects get its 15 minutes of fame that is due.

To my car, to any possession that has any emotional meaning to me, to my electronics, you serve so many functions in my life and anchor in so many beautiful poignant memories I can't remember on my own. So if I forget you - do not fear like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, or Mr. Potato Head do in Toy Story - the darndest things end up happening serendipitously, so I imagine I will find you and rediscover the fond memories flooding back.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Work Friends.

I never thought my work buddies would get a post of their own. But since I think about them all the time, I think it's required.

At first in my internship, I felt unsupported. I felt as if I wasn't making the kind of connections that would make me want to stay. I felt it was lacking only one thing - meaningful friendships.

I certainly feel like I have that group now. It's getting larger and larger since we're all pretty social and inclusive, but I feel pretty happy to feel grounded.

I've seen them more frequently in these past few weeks than my bestest friends, in the past few months.

I recognize we'll all be back in our respective states once our internships end and school begins again, but for this next month, we're stuck with each other. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Book: 101 Things To Do Before You're Old And Boring.

I bought this book a few years ago.

Boy, I think this was a sign I needed to spice up my life and I needed something to spring me out of from sleeping awake.

Then Beyond Excellence happened to me. :)

But revisiting this book, that has 101 ideas for introducing a bit of fun to one's life, I have realized that I have actually done a lot of these things in these past few months as my extroversion has increased and I'm a lot more open-minded to diverse, potentially life-enriching experiences.

For example: Singing in front of a crowd (I've done karaoke several times since BE), Send a valentine's card (did that this past Feb.), See your name in print (I was in the Daily Cougar in January twice), Meet Someone Famous (I met Annise Parker a couple of months ago), and the list goes on!

I'm so happy that my idea of not living a boring and old life aligns with the author's vision of the book.

It's certainly made my day. This is my now. I am made up of more than my yesterdays!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A long time ago, when I was new to the dating world, my cousin said that having a crush on someone is the best part of the relationship. She said, "Yeah, everything goes downhill from there. You figure out their flaws and you might get in a relationship with them, which may be great, but still, it's work." I agree that crushes are such a fun thing to have. I adore it when I'm like this. I feel even more ALIVE. :)

The one I have right now is absolutely amazing. The biggest appeal to him has got to be how hilarious he is. Most of the time I'm around him, I just want to smile. I have the biggest inkling he's about to make me laugh.

I feel a lot of comfort knowing I completely overlooked him the first time I met him. WAIT - Hear me out.

So he was in a group of his friends, and I met his 3 buddies before him. I was pretty taken with his friends; they were a charming group, So I shook his hand and met him that night, looking past him. There was no name nor a face to him. I simply overlooked him. I'm eating those words now.

When I skydived with him and his friends on Sunday, I got to know them all and see how they all interacted with each other. I got to see how they interacted with me. From human being to human being.

It was as clear as day how wrong my initial perceptions were. He wasn't unconfident nor awkward like I prejudged. He was incredibly funny, self-assured, and just brimmed with confidence. He was also very attractive. I almost feel as if I was temporarily blinded that night I met him, how could I not have paid attention?

So this person I overlooked, began to flesh out into someone I wouldn't take my eyes off of if I had the choice. But let me just say, the main draw is how I feel when I'm around him. I feel comfort in knowing my crush isn't merely physical. There's bound to be good conversations. I'm bound to be laughing so hard, I can't breathe. This is why he becomes more attractive by the minute.

I am crushing hard. And I love it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day.

I spent Saturday with my family doing what we always do as a family - EAT. My dad brought his grandfather too, so there were 3 generations in the house!

We went to Lucky Dragon 3.

Snow pea leaves.
Walnut shrimp.
2 lobsters with ginger.
Sizzling beef.
Shrimp shumai.
Shrimp dumplings.

So much food = so much love.

Here's the day where such a positive force in my life, gets appreciated. Although I try to do it much more nowadays, I'd like to let the world know in my blog too.

My dad refused to let me pay. Aww. But I really would've liked to.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Here I was - with 4 boys I hardly knew save for a chance encounter I had at Howl at the Moon a few days earlier.

My friends asked me, which skydiving place are you going to? I said, "I don't know." I followed my ignorant response with a smile. What else am I supposed to do?

I know how it sounds. I'm walking into an idiotic situation.

But I trusted my gut. These guys that work with me, we were going skydiving. None of them would let anything happen to me, it's the man code, and at least one of em's got it.

But telling the boys this story made it one of the best inside jokes I've ever known.

The joke was, they were on the way to kill me and I made it very convenient for them to do that, by meeting them at their apartment.

They went on to say all of the 'signs'. There was no billboards along the way. And the jokes continued on and on. I mean, we did have 4 hours just to WAIT to get on the plane. Apparently everyone waiting there were actors. Paid. The vending machines, taken from somewhere, hence the hand written labels for Sprite and Dr. Pepper. The couches were taken from their own apartment, and they spent the whole night making the white picket fences. The tarmac was made of gravel, which they confessed was symptomatic of their low budget. Oh my gosh. It was just too funny.

They're a good group of guys. I like them very much.

The actual act of skydiving - I felt no fear.

Rolling over and falling out was probably the most fulfilling part. The first 4 seconds, you are like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then the free fall, felt like a task to survive. Then the parachuting portion is very heavenly. It is a blur. But I'm glad to have experienced it with these daredevils. It was a GREAT Father's day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oprah Magazine.

I went to CVS with my best friend this past week and he was buying some essentials like water. I got a few things like a mirror and hair ties, and I walked by the magazine section, and I decided, you know what, magazines are usually a 'luxury' item for me because I don't 'need' them, but my mentality has changed a bit. I can afford them now that I work, so hell I thought, I will buy a magazine for once!

So I looked through some, and it was down to Cosmopolitan or Oprah.

I looked at the cover of Cosmo - 99 sexual somethings like always. And Oprah's said, "28 Genius Ways to Get Unstuck and make your Dreams Real."

It was a no-brainer. Oprah indeed.

It's a WONDERFUL magazine! I love her even more. The whole magazine screams positivity and there's just so much Oprah spirit and inspiration all throughout.

I believe I'll purchase a subscription. It's a small price to pay for this ongoing support she'll provide for me, and it'll support her as well. [Not that she 'needs' that either. :)]

Friday, June 18, 2010

Washington Ave.

My good friend Alan came into town - and after INADVERTENTLY passing out and missing on my Washington Ave pub crawl with some friends at work, I went to Two Rows and caught up with my Washingtonian (is that what people from Washington are called? ^_^)

I had a WONDERFUL time, and I ended up going to Washington Avenue anyway.

We went to Pearl Bar, and there was happy times, drinking, laughing, talking, and there was some DANCING involved. The dancing made me very happy.

Afterward we went to Les Girval's Kahve, a really affordable and cheap yet stylish Vietnamese restaurant. There's a really stylish facade by the counter, that is reminiscent of the Bird's Nest in China (Olympic stadium of 2008).

I really love nights like these. Nights where I'm meeting new people, catching up with old, being safe about drinking, and letting a bit loose.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Howl at the Moon.

It was my first time at this piano bar. I had been to Pete's Dueling Piano bar, which was I admit, full of energy and enthusiasm, yet I didn't know any of the songs. :) I felt so confused.

Anyway, this was a work social and I went to mix and mingle.

The funniest thing happened.

So there's something I can't stand. I can't stand when people rag on my school. I won't tolerate it.

Someone paid a dollar to write "UH Sucks - Quang Ho" on the mirror.

I paid $2 for them to write, "Quang Homo" on the mirror.

Instead they wrote, "Quang Home" which to this moment, I still cannot believe.

Someone paid some money to write, "Suck my Quang" which I am thankful for, because that's CLASSIC and clever. :)

All in all, a good day. And I met a group of guys I really liked talking to. It's funny that we would all become fast friends soon after. Today was a catalyst.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magnolia Hotel.

It was a day of new experiences and joy.

My homeboys Freddy and Kyle had the grandest adventure you could have on a weekday.

We first met at Cabo for food and drinks. We then decided, let's find a Spec's to make some drinks. We go on the Metro Rail for the first time. We gather up on our goods, and make our way back to Kyle's hotel - the Magnolia.

We make our drinks and carry them to the rooftop pool. It's beautiful. I lay down on the reclined poolside chairs and talk to Freddy about life. We make jokes about the lights going on and off in the buildings around us. There are a few stars in the night sky. I would love to sleep like this every night. It's peaceful. It's still. It makes me think outside of my own condition, and be aware of those around me. That's what I like most about seeing the other buildings in the night sky.

We retreated back to the fitness room when it was 11 o' clock and the pool was closed. We worked on the fitness machines, and it was the greatest time to watch Kyle break the treadmill with the fitness ball. :)

I say this all the time in my head, but really LIFE IS SO SHORT - YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT UP. WEEKDAY OR NOT. You have no idea when your time will be up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flying Saucer.

You go into those places, the places that have such personality. I love those places. Mason Jar (on Katy). Buca di Beppo with so many picture frames and trinkets hung everywhere. It's nice to have a really minimalist restaurant, but I love places where I feel like I'm in someone's house. There's so much on the walls, that I can't see the walls. That kind of feeling.

I had a great time with my best friend at Flying Saucer on $3 pint night Mondays. Nothing better than unwinding after a good day of hard work. Viva la summer.

Oh, and a safety moment: Don't forget to put on sunscreen!

Monday, June 14, 2010

We're All Really Self-Employed.

I'm so inspired.

Heard a wonderful seminar today by M. Semonick.

I will dedicate many blog posts to the gems I took away, that I need to inculcate within me or reinforce.

Two important points come to mind when I think about this quote.

One: We as human beings can not come to associate our work with our identity. It must be separate because there will be reasons beyond our control for severing ties with a job. It may be downsizing, it may be politics, whatever the case there's a chance where it is not you. I by my very nature work very hard. I do not want that to be the predefining quality of me. I don't want to be so entrenched in my work that if circumstance were to happen, I would be devastated. Work will be a big component of my life, but there needs to be a life out of that - family, friends, hobbies, other dreams - to keep you anchored.

Two: In this day and age, we are self-employed. All of us. Jobs may shift in and out quickly. Always being aware and upkeeping your network and communications with others in case something goes awry or an opportunity crops up means that we have to understand that we have to put ourselves and our dreams first. To say yes to ourselves, it to really say yes to others. You can't say yes to a role, when you haven't sold yourself that there's no where you'd rather be.

This mentality also makes you very strong-minded. We are leaders in any role. Even if there are no direct reports. It's the way you are as a sister, daughter, companion, employee, etc.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nestea Iced Tea.

I like it. It tastes good. However, I'm about making smarter choices with my diet and drinks so I reached my hand in the refrigerator to grab water - and my mom told me that my dad bought some Nestea Iced Tea, just for me.

I looked at the second shelf, and there were ~ 6 cans waiting for me.

I melted.

I grabbed one, and enjoyed the hell out of it.

I knew it was extra calories I could have avoided, but I didn't focus on that. My dad waited a week for me to come home and drink it. I was happy to do what I can to make my dad happy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

England VS USA.

I love the Britains at the end of the day.

But it sure was fun to watch the World Cup game of USA vs England.

1-1 = a draw, which is very good!

It was very funny. Our one goal, was the softest goal one can ever expect to witness at this level of competition. It was the goalie of WestHam United, my ex's favorite soccer/football team. I thought that was interesting.

What I liked most of all was feeling in the moment. My eyes were absolutely glued to the 50 inch plasma television my parents have, and the surround sound was spectacular.

Clearly, the USA were the underdogs. And that, coupled with my COUNTRY fighting to advance in a sport that's not their best suit, made me support them even more.

The athleticism, how graceful the soccer players are, how much team work it requires, and just how talented they are is so humbling. I really enjoyed watching it with my dad at home. I can't remember the last time I watched 'a game' with my dad or anyone rather.

The last time I believe, was my Freshman year of college when I went to watch a Rockets vs Laker's game at the Galleria but only caught the 4th quarter.

I was very happy to be a part of this historical moment. I watched the game with the rest of the world today. I had so much team spirit. So incredibly fun. I have World Cup fever!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Real Talk.

Genuine conversations are something really key in my life. I feel a bit antsy if it's been too long without having them.

I ran into an acquaintance I never had the pleasure of really talking to, that happened to know the person I had an appointment with. So while they stopped to say hello, I lit up because my worlds collided! [I love that feeling.] Anyway, I had a bit of time to just chat one-on-one and to see what this person was all about.

I heard great things, but now was the time to sort out fact from fiction. I've met plenty of people that were exactly what others described to me, and in my mind, I could only say to myself, why did it take so long for me to really get to know you? We could have been becoming better friends this whole time! With this acquaintance - this was definitely the case.

He said he was just on Facebook and relaxing after his class, so I plopped my purse down, sat next to him, and began the sacred process. It's only sacred when it is done right of course. It's the gentle give and take where no matter what question you ask, it's a further probe to getting to know an individual. You can learn something from anyone, that point I will always concede, but there are just some people you meet that makes it easier for you to realize this truth. And again - this was true.

One of the best things is knowing you're going to get along - just the chemistry - not in a romantic sense, just the connection from soul-to-soul, knowing they are another spirit that simply gets it. On the same wavelength. Most of the time is spent exchanging useful information and not clarifying misunderstandings and having to overcome prejudgments or sometimes that person hasn't cleared any space on their map for what your map is all about.

We talked about a lot of philosophical and career questions - what it means to be in business, creating a business, barriers we've run into, how we're planning to overcome them, some of our past struggles, and listening to the experiences that have single-handedly shaped who we are.

It was pretty deep for a lazy Friday afternoon, I won't lie. :)

But I truly enjoyed it. I've been in that same computer lab dozens of times, having all sorts of conversations with people, always juggling things, but here we were in the moment, the backdrop not mattering but the person in front of me. He got a few phone calls and said, no I'll call back, I'm in the moment, and this conversation matters to me. :)

My day was positively influenced by him and I'm sure it was two fold. He shared something with me that he has only shared with his lawyer, so I'm sure being able to articulate the words and say it was liberating to him.

Win-win situation!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I got my first paycheck. It felt damn good.

I got around to thinking and this puts it in perspective.

My first paycheck of my first two weeks was more than I made during the whole summer last year. :) Hard earned money.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Post Work-Out.

I was motivated to work out in a long time on Friday.

I still feel excellent.

My arms, back, abs, and legs are sore. I had a whole body workout.

It's just so liberating to close my eyes and focus laser straight on what my body is telling me. It's telling me my limits, I say okay another set is in order, and I push past the strain. My body and I haven't communicated in a while and it's great to be openly talking again.

I trust my body and I know it's done so much for me. It's time to pay it forward and be proactive about toning my body in shape.

I love my body and my body's going to love me too.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Am Bulletproof.

Right now I feel like nothing can touch me. So many flooding happy emotions coming to my center.

I am made of steel. I worked out right now, and I feel amazing. The sweat, the tensed muscles, just being in the zone and feeling the burn.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm a big proponent of language.

I don't like the word try. I don't like ambiguity. I don't like a lack of confidence and the way it used to be conveyed in my language.

There's a difference between feeling unsure and being unconfident.

Being unsure is the in-between, but it fully intends to head distinctly towards a decision. The other is resigned to failure. It submits to placing a bet not on themselves, because it fears what-if. "What if I don't get the job offer?" "What if I'm not good enough."

For myself, I'd rather have faith in myself and if things come my way that's great and I know great things are destined for me, but if things don't, then I believe the best fit was not for me there and I'm glad the other party was cognizant, but there are other great opportunities to come.

You can control your language. Your language can control the way others perceive you and help you greatly to your goals. The last thing you want is for everyone to clamor on your side and to believe you: you are not capable - you are not deserving - that you are not good enough.

I'm a huge proponent in believing the things you say will eventually be hard-wired in the way you carry yourself and your psychology. This is why method actors may have a hard time dealing with being a maladjusted character for an extended period of time. It seeps into your soul. The words you say - the habits you do - become you.

Excellence is a habit.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Blog.

This post is self-referential, which is kind of funny. It's like a picture within a picture, or seeing a TV on your television.

The purpose of this blog is to bring my external world into this separate microcosm, the internet. It's talking about things from the mundane to the extraordinary that light up my life, or something that others would define as mundane is actually amazing with the right lens. It's talking about the struggles I've overcome or a discourse into the philosophies of a positive lifestyle and why it's bar none the best decision anyone could make.

However, I would not have imagined this blog, in and of itself, would be a noteworthy thing to praise. I always imagined its content would be the focus, but it's the synergy that is louder.

The fact it exists and I know I have not even scratched the surface of it is what inspires me even more.

When I read my older posts, I remember things I have simply forgotten. I simply do not have the emotional memory to remember every feeling I have felt, especially when there are so many great moments in my life. The kind gesture someone afforded me. The way I felt in that moment. How I overcame that obstacle. Reading these make my skin thicken. It centers me. Life is pushing me to be on Team Negative. But I shout the mantra: I am strong - I am powerful - I am a leader, and all is right again.

I am my own inspiration. I have told it to my brother, who believes he is his own inspiration too, but this is what I want the world to understand and the message I impart. You can be your own inspiration. Every day is a new day. Today will be the day you play the role of Mr. or Ms. Amazing. The world is waiting. If you fall, brush yourself off, and do it again. The points go to the person who is in the ring, not on the sidelines.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life is Everything.

I took this from one of my Human Resources manuals:

"Life straight ahead.

Life moves, changes, begins, challenges, questions, hurts, exhausts, inspires, connects, satisfies, rewards...

What's your life doing right now?

Life changes. Life passes. Life smiles. Life expects. Life questions. Life rewards. That's life.

Life is always changing. It's filled with challenges, opportunities, and questions that can lead you into uncharted territory. Even when you're just trying to balance family, work, and everyday life, things can get unpredictable.

No question is too big, no issue too small."

They offer this really great resource that has articles to a lot of relevant questions that may not be appropriate to ask coworkers, but is still necessary to ask. It's fantastic. There's professionals to help me with practical solutions, support, and resources - all for free. So I'm very happy that my company thought about the human side of things. That's awesome, and it makes me appreciate them even more.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I remember watching the news on Friday - everyone had already gone home so it was so still besides a clear articulate voice speaking from the flat LCD screen of my floor's cafe area. A CNN Correspondent was paying tribute to the 11 rig workers that died on the Deepwater Horizon in April. Not just saying the number, as every news broadcast has been doing (which in my opinion is not enough), but actually taking the time to read the NAMES and a short DESCRIPTION to capture the personality behind the individual.

I couldn't take it.

To see these pictures. To hear the descriptions. To hear the people they left behind, wives, children, and family. Some descriptions were a whole page long, and by that point, I'm sure it wasn't even enough.

It was Transocean's company magazine that was given to the CNN correspondent, and to hear that everyone working on the solution had a quiet humbleness that simply wanted to fix the problem, devoid of complaining, brought tears to my eyes.

To the 11: I take it upon myself to understand the part I will play in the overall scheme of things. I am the 'i' in every team, whether it's my family, friends, a work project, or organization. I always contribute. I always matter. And I always affect the outcome.

I think we should never forget the loss of these 11 lives. That when you cut corners and you sacrifice safety, this is what can happen. You're losing human lives over human error. We're human, so we have to be as safe as we can by looking out for each other.

I'm inspired to focus on the fact that these individuals who are pulling together to put a cap on the well and to drill relief wells are doing so with a quiet dignity that is always thinking of the 11 that lost their lives for an industry they believed in. That's amazing team work.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gun Range.

My dad LOVES guns. He has so many, I have lost count. He's like a kid in a candy store when he talks about them with someone equally as knowledgeable or someone that wants to go shooting with him. It's been a recent hobby of his and he's so entitled to it. My hero has been through a lot in his life, and it's far from over, but this is something he feels is a measure of safety for the household and also, pure recreation for himself. Win-win situation right?

Anyway, a recent conversation I've had with a good friend of mine made me rethink something. The things we do, everything we touch needs to really support our inner-self. Emotionally and spiritually. And if there's a huge disconnect, then just ... don't.

So my dad was asking when do I want to go shooting - I thought about it, and there was no enthusiasm or a stirring in my thoughts. It's the violence, it's the symbol of what it stands for. It's also shooting at a piece of paper several yards away and not having any sense of my skill level. It's like shooting in a pond with fish - I have no idea if I shot into the pond or if the fish are just bubbling at the surface.

I said no.

My brother asked why. I think there's better ways to bond with my dad and brother. I don't have to feel like the sounds of these guns shooting cut me to the core so I can feel it in my bones. These may be instruments of fun in this context, but very easily can they be instruments of disaster if something were to happen. I'd rather skydive.

So I'll ask them to do that with me :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hour.

Happy hour makes me so happy. Photo taken at Benjy's on Washington!

First of all - Things are so cheap. Sure it's a limited menu, but I have a really big sense of self-satisfaction when I get things for a good deal. My inner-frugal self just yells with glee.

Second of all - It's a mini-vacation and the release from a day of (presumably) hard work. Not a full-fledged bacchanal - but the name says it all - it's an hour or a short period of time to get your kicks.

Third of all - the best conversations result from letting go. Happy hours promote this atmosphere. Woot!

Fourth of all - I get to be the person that I most enjoy being - less dominant, and not focused on driving things to get from Point A to B but just relishing in the moment, focused on the conversation at hand and being with people I enjoy.

I'm in love with the concept. I'm also in love with going to them. They make me very happy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spirit of Unity.

Mr. Osteen, you rock.

He talked about the spirit of unity and that's something I need to hold more sacred. People are going in all sorts of scattered directions. And that's a symptom of life but we can mitigate the effects of such so that it's not a full out... Gulf oil spill of epic proportions. Ah, my heart is definitely in the Gulf and with the 11 families and countless amounts of marine life and all the hotel, restaurant, and fishing industries affected. But that's a tangent on it's own!

A great quote Joel said: "I'm going to slow down and connect with the people I love. I'm not going to take my relationships for granted."

It's fine and dandy to live fast. I think it's a thrilling feeling, especially to get that spice of life. You definitely have this Gatorade adrenaline in your veins, and your senses are heightened. But that newness loses its clarity and focus when you stop to look around and do not get to bask in life's strides with friends and family. It's a check and balance and you can't veer too far into either realm. I think it's time to scale back a bit. I just have to use my time smarter. I don't have to necessarily work harder.

So I'll be paying a visit to my family this weekend, which is really overdue. I went home last weekend, only for a short gathering with my relatives so they could debrief on their 12 day European cruise. Time for quality! And when I get my first paycheck, I'm taking them outtttttt for dinner.