Sunday, October 31, 2010


I put on the white go-go boots. Mod clothing. Pink scarf. And I felt like I had just re-engineered the clock to go backwards.

And then I stepped outside the room and saw a sexy witch and a hot mess Ronald Pimp Donald. It was Halloween and we were about to go downtown in Austin.

We realized parking close to 6th would be a near miracle so we parked in a campus garage and focused on the awesome outcome that would be: dancing the night away in costumes!

We walked, and walked, and the trek spanned a numerous amount of blocks.

Then we got into the club and it was great to be dancing. Sure there was dubstep. Sure I've never tasted anything quite so bad. But I was with my two bestest friends, and we were laughing and dancing the night away.

I just remembered some things about that night so viscerally.

Kyle hugged me so hard out of no where at one moment, and my instinct was shock, and I fought to just relax and accept it, even if it was given in a state of inebriation. We're best friends but he's not one for overt hugs and the like.

I remember the stiffness of the ground as we walked those many blocks away.

I remember seeing white paint everywhere from Kyle's make up.

I remember after we left we stayed around just meeting people for ages. It was like an outdoor concert with no line up. And people just didn't know what to do but stay.

This is my life, at age 21.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

127 Hours.

I watched this movie, and it got really up close and personal with James Franco/Aron Ralston. It's interesting to think a whole movie can hinge on a singular actor's performance. He did it beautifully.

From the first beginning scenes when you see him try to reach in the cabinet for the legit Swiss army knife he owned, and in his haste (how we've all been there), leaves the house.

We all know what's going to happen, but it's like we're re-watching the tape to see how it will unfold. You can see each frame coalescing to something that will ultimately make this carefree young man make one of the most adult decisions anyone will ever have to.

And then there's that 'scene'. We all know what I'm talking about. Aron Ralston, through days of mental anguish and having to imbibe his own urine, figures he'll have to cut his own arm to survive. He thinks about the beautiful girl who records herself provocatively and blows a kiss at him using his video camera, unbeknownst to him only days earlier. When he was on top of the world. Smiling but crushed, he gathers his dormant reserves of strength and goes for it. Not wanting the girl exactly, but wanting what she is symbolizing.

I related to this sentiment so much. You're just being chained back by something, maybe you can't see it so tangibly as a HUGE rock on your forearm, but it weighs you down just this same. And you have to break away.

The hardest part is having the true commitment to do it and follow through. As we saw in the movie, once you make that stab in your flesh to break away, it's ... official. Near the end, he must snap the tendon. I hear the snap and I grimace and yell out in my room, "AGHHH!!" It was one of the most visceral cinematic experiences I've ever had.

This was a spectacular movie that just had me in tears. Totally ace.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I came back to the scene of where it started.

Weighing on my mind was my best friend's disappointment with me, and my other best friend's cheerful but distracting presence. It was only distracting because it took away from the focus between me and him. We just wanted to know... where do we go from here?

Bricks on my mind, he dropped off my best friend and I feel like I was finally comfortable enough to exhale. I take good care of my friends and if it's at the expense of the answers I'm able to find, so be it. Closing off that obligation, we drove back to his place to start this scavenger hunt.

It started off with an intertwining of bombarding questions and answers. We fired back and forth, trying to get to the kernel of truth. I kept grasping, and I continued to try to find it in other ways besides words. By touch. By my heart.

At first, it felt so utterly comfortable. To hold hands. To lie next to one another. To be in calm.

Expectations unmet, things were escalated. Time and time again, I refrained. It was a judgment call, and not an easy one in the moment.

But I knew I was too old for this to happen again. It's happened again in the form of another body, another bed, at another time. I had to learn a lesson.

I was proud knowing I went only as far as I was comfortable with. That wasn't something I could've worn on my sleeve a few years back. And I daresay it prevented this situation from being dragged out. How do I know? Well, when we started to debrief, he had an epiphany. He revealed he has a huge thing for another girl, but has a tendency for sabotage. He made meals for her when she was sick, cares for her immensely, and is stuck in the friend zone. I cast off the insensitivity of the situation, galvanized myself and became the supportive friend I needed to grow into in that moment.

I rose to the occasion and gave him my truth. I gave him my full confidence and said, "You have to believe you deserve her. If you don't, then you'll never have her. It all comes down to you. There's never a perfect time to ask the question. But you have to believe that what you have to offer in the present moment is worth sticking around for."

He dropped me off, and I truly didn't know what to think. I didn't feel a thing, and when I came to open the door, I was met with a string contraption that prevented me from opening the door. I heard Wally's proximal barking, and smiled of bemusement.

I sat down on the concrete, and made myself at home for the 2 hours before my best friend went to work. I got to see the world wake up and see the spider webs as a glittering network among the tall weeds in her lawn. I had a Thoreau transcendental morning. I saw her look of surprise as she opened the door to go to work, and thinking of the journey I had the night before, the grab bag of emotions that occurred in a span of 12 hours, and the physical exhaustion, I couldn't help but smile and wish her good morning.

I walked in, and had a conversation with Wally, petted Michaelangelo, and took a hot shower that stood for cleansing.

Every now and then you need them. They're hot. They're long. You just stand under the flood of water and think, in this present moment, I'm okay. Things will be okay. Whatever happened before is done, and I'm so glad that I'm safe under this cascade of clean water.

I retreated to the bed. And finally, was allowed to sleep.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haunted Penthouse.

I very much enjoyed being early.

I sat at one of the couches at the Recreation Center at UH, waiting for Catherine to come.

She texted me a few minutes later, and we were only a few feet away from each other. :)

We stood in line. I saw a fellow with a Chevron Marathon t-shirt and struck up small talk.

We finally got to the front of the lines.

Out of the elevators, it was excruciatingly dark. I let the others go first because I had lost Catherine already. :) We walked together, arms linked, and I kept my cool.

Nothing scared me, and I have to say, UH did a really fantastic job upping the ante from last year. It was better than some of the paid haunted houses I've been to!

There was a moment I'll never forget though. A woman had a real snake around her neck, and I'm not the most fond of them, but I was transfixed because I couldn't figure out if a real legitimate snake was around her neck or not, and if I could test the limits of the haunted house since she was inches away from me meaning I could be bitten, and I found myself taking steps backward. I was in a trance, and I didn't know what to do. Thankfully Catherine grabbed my arm and lead me forward, and out of the Haunted Penthouse we went.

And metaphorically, you need people sometimes to do that for you. When you're just flat out stuck and you're taking steps backward even after doing SO WELL, you need supportive friends to get you out of the rut to move forward.

Thank you Catherine, and thank you friends. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Catherine told me the concept of a 'stole'. Apparently it's a graduation garment like an honors cord that you give to a professor that has cultivated you and has made the biggest impact on you.

Here are some tributes to my professors over these past 4 years.

Dr. Parks - You scared the bejesus out of me, and your reputation definitely preceded you. Every MIS major remarked how your class was the weed out class, and at first, it definitely did. The second time around, I think we all got to understand you a bit more, and you explained your motivations from a professor that was extremely tough on you. I admire that brand of teaching, and it really did push me to the next echelon. You have brilliant stories and you are the advocate for MIS through and through. Thank you. Thank you for being helpful with my TP2 assignments, helping me get in contact with many employers in Houston, and just checking in to hear about my job search.

Mr. Little - You have been the first person to keep me close to the ground and humble when I first started at UH. Your page long essay on how poor my essay was really taught me that essay writing is not about finesse but about content, and that true academicians can see right through it. Our long discussions in your office were the thrill of my life as a freshman who had never had real discussions with her teachers. Your class was a joy to sit and listen to because you could defend your position and had a way of discussing things with ease. Most quotable professor, and your charm was second to none.

Dr. Smith - I saw a lot of myself in you. I loved the nature of your class and how you maintained control all of the time. You were funny, intelligent, charismatic, and you explained things beautifully. You were a true professional and I miss your class immensely. Statistics was a class I never believed I would relish, but that is the true testament of a fantastic teacher.

Dr. DeFrank - Humorous, relevant, and such a fantastic speaker. His lectures are always entertaining and strike a chord with me.

Dr. Cook - I loved his southern drawl. His course is something that really stuck with me in understanding the African American human condition. Not quite belonging here or there. It really opened my eyes, and I feel like when I speak about receiving an education, the Harlem Renaissance will go a long way towards that. The course definitely pushed me to write prolifically, learn how to do footnotes and APA style citations, speak in class, and more.

Dr. Pratt and TA - His class kicked my butt, but I learned oh so much about globalization and oil. I read the longest book I ever have, and the most dense: The Prize by Daniel Yergin. I was put through a whole gamut of obstacles, so I feel like that A- was one of the most deserving grades I had ever received.

Wow. I've realized all of the professors I've sincerely enjoyed were ones that put me through the ringer and got me out of my comfort zone.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


January 2011

When I got my physical results back, and it said 'cholesterol still elevated', it just crushed me.

I was conflicted at first. I feel like I'm just walking with invincibility. But I thought, today - elevated cholesterol. Tomorrow - a stroke. But I think I'm starting to treat my body more and more like it has its own living breathing spirit, and because of that, I want to treat it better. I want to do right by me. If my body were another human being, there'd be no way I'd eat crispy chicken strips and waffle fries for lunch and then have a steak and mashed potatoes with fried bananas for dinner.

But I have.

So I feel like there's been a real shift. And it's made me think about a quote. "Tolerance is your worst enemy. It’s worse to tolerate something than to hate it because, if the pain is painful enough, you’ll make a change." I've hit the breaking point. I didn't receive the best dental news, and with this news, I felt like, instead of feeling like I was losing control - I can take it back. I can control being physically active and the foods I put in my mouth.

I talked with my brother. I told him that I feel conflicted between having a great time with friends and family because food is so associated with love and fun. He advised that I still do that, but that I make better choices and while I'm away from friends and family, that I really really watch the foods I eat.

I took it one step further and have been watching what I eat like a guard dog - not feeling good at all about fried foods, fatty foods, and seafood as much. I have to connect it with being repulsive - as the ingredients that will collect on my arterial walls, and it becomes easy to just say... it's not worth ONE meal. And it becomes that much easier to make it to the next meal.

Also, watching Heavy on A&E is very inspiring as well. It keeps me focused on moving forward.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Billy Bell.

He was on So You Think You Can Dance - Season 6 and 7. He was prevented from being in the top 20 in season 6 due to injury but was the pick for the surprise 6th boy for season 7.

I was shocked by how I grew intrigued and eventually obsessed with his SPIRIT and technique. He makes it look shockingly easy... especially paired with his carefree laugh and boyish charm. I fell in love with him, and while the judges saw an unsexy technical fanatic who only cared about lines, I saw genius and heart.

There's so much incredible talent in him, and whatever flack he gets - his alleged 'androgyny' and his lack of ability to let go of the technique to connect with his partner and just let go, I look at some of his incredible pieces... Fly by Ludovico Einaudi... Something Bigger, Something Better by Amanda Blank... Venetian Snares... his dance with Lauren Froderman to Boogie Shoes, his jive with Anya, and of course, who could forget the piece about Time with Ade and Alex.. and think he is in a league of his own.

I love him. He is breathtaking as a dancer, and an artist. He is the first person to break through what I know as 'traditional' contemporary, which is based on ballet. The way he can contort his body and choreograph himself to make some of the best solos I've ever seen has made me re-question the vocabulary of dance as I know it. I've never seen anyone dance like that, and I think anyone who sees him dance, will be so utterly inspired.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby's Romance.

This is such a beautiful song.

There's just something so honest about Chris' voice. When he sings, he has no pretension behind his voice. I believe him, and I can hear him testifying through his words. There's no anguish or overdramatization, just this calm stately quality about it.

"I would like to see a little more propriety,
Cooperate with me and answer me
Without a plea.
I know now, I know now, I know now, I'm never gonna tell on you."

Also, the piano, and the symphony in the background is matched incredibly well. It rises and falls with Chris' voice.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been getting all kinds of congrats left and right. Most notably my family, and it feels really good. :)

I went back home yesterday with my brother, and my relatives were over the house. So we had delicious banh mi, spring rolls, and pho ga. Oh my gosh, it was so good. So much family love.

We plan to have a family dinner in 2 weeks for this occasion and I'm looking forward to it very much.

The world has no idea how it feels to take down one's resume from the University Career Services and Bauer Career Gateway.

I feel FREE!

I want the world to know that it feels amazing to be able to focus on school since nearly all of my focus has been on the job search. Everything that happens in school from this point forward will have an undertone of no pressure. Of course I need to keep my grades up. But I'm really going to feel okay if I meet more social obligations, and hang out with my friends once in a while now. I've had to say goodbye to that component for these past 2 months, and it's been very difficult. I've also said goodbye to my extracurricular activities for the most part in these past 2 months.

I've been reading a lot of Study Hack blogs, and it's really changed the way I feel about overcommitment. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: overcommitment is not sexy. It stretches you thin, doesn't allow you to do a great job at one thing, instead it makes you mediocre at many things. Is this what people dream about?

I know my answer is no. So I'm making a commitment to myself to commit to less so I have more free time to discover my passions. This still means I won't have a lot of time for a social life, since I'm putting me first. But this is so very important. I think it'll make me a more decisive person and aware of what I like and what it is I want from the world. Because I know whatever I'll ask for in this world, I'll get it. And for the most part, I have. I just need to do some deeper digging!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I had a 'meh' interview with a professional services firm at 8:30-9:30am.

As I waited in the line at Wendy's, craving a hot chili afterward, I was told I had to wait until 10am to get it. 20 minutes of waiting. :) This sounded familiar to the situation that I've been going through. And the last leg of the tortuous anticipation to come: I had to wait til 11:30 this morning to get word back from my supervisor about... something. I had no idea it would be good or bad news.

I pulled out all of my defensive reserves. I realized, I used to have a state of mind that didn't let any externals influence my sense of self. I knew who I was and my worth. I knew that I'd be okay, no matter what happened. As long as I was alive, things would be okay. Those that would judge me on the job offers I got would be friends that I would have to go on without. It was a scary thought process. Being strong is scary, because you start to realize that this strength changes your life and the attitude you take on. It was hard. I knew from a business point of view, Chevron could pass on me for a lot of reasons. Downsizing. Budgets. My skills not fitting a particular need.

Needless to say, there were a lot of demons in my head. And the 11:30am phone call only added to them. But when you can't, you must. So I prepared for my emotional state that I would need for the phone call, and braced myself.

At around 11:32, I got the call. I had taken a 40 minute nap, and told myself countless affirmations, but still I was not prepared for what was to come.

I picked up the phone promptly, and she told me she ran to call me since she knew I would be waiting. That was true. :) She said, I'm just going to cut to the chase: We'd like to extend you an offer to work for ETC in the PMO. She said a little bit more about that, but I still... couldn't wrap my head around it. I was shocked.

I was also very excited too. I gave my verbal offer of acceptance. Our weekend's were made. Our days were made. This is a decision that will impact the next .. few years of my life at least. We quickly got off the phone, as she had a very busy Friday to take care of, and I had some major thinking to do.

I started making phone calls. I started texting. I started twittering. But I didn't just disemminate it to the entire world via Facebook. When the papers are signed, then I'll have more faith. Actually, when I walk in the door, I'll have the utmost faith. But I am truly truly happy.

As I talked with companies left and right throughout this whole process, I felt myself comparing and feeling as if companies came up short to what they could offer me.

I'm proud to be with a company that treats its employees as human beings with proper benefits, opportunities for growth, development, travel opportunities, and concern for my health (with ergonomics and such).

This day was very cathartic. But it's made me realize despite the offer in my hands, I need to do more exercises in the attitudes I project and really not letting any externals affect me. This process has made my shield of inpenetrable self-esteem crack, and that's not what I know of myself. "I'm strong, I'm powerful, I'm a leader!"

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was full of surprises.

What stands out at the forefront? Well, I really enjoyed the last Client Meeting I had with ALBA and the A-Team. There are pictures to document this day too! Catherine has stirred something in me that I love. She’s a shutterbug, and also she's someone that exposes me to new things that I end up using like Google SMS and Adobe Illustrator. We teach each other, and we learn from one another. It's fantastic. I guess you could say she's my muse.

I started out the day printing out the HighPoint manual for the team and getting prepped by doing some last minute changes to the website. Catherine brought me an orange muffin which it was my first time trying. I love that she did that for me, and always considers if I'm hungry. She's so kind. The ALBA ladies wore their ALBA shirts. Rhinestones and tie dye included. Haha! I adore that they are so thorough about these engagements. They've really set the bar on how it should be, and I've gained a glimpse on what kind of organization I would like to be a part of when I have time. They all seem so wonderful and GOOD. Such big hearts. We showcased our website pages and the manual.

The ladies then stepped in to give us gifts. This was so cute. I nearly lost it. 2 Cookbooks, a Best Buy gift card, a resale shop coupon personalized with our team name, and a personalized ALBA card signed by all 3 of the ladies.

After Monday's meeting, that's a wrap. :) Although Monday's meeting is at 10AM! - No matter. I'll appreciate the sleeping in on subsequent Monday mornings.

These ladies have taught me a lot. Doing things the right way. This is what true care and concern for an organization looks like. It's beautiful.

I lead the discussion in my management class. It was a good pep talk in how to not be in a position of being outsourced. So no more leading the discussions! I can focus on the exams, articles, and the management interview. :)

I got a call from Cathy from the retail firm for a 2nd on-site interview. It'll be my 2nd on-site interview, with the internal audit firm being the first next week. I'm really excited. It's a long day event! And it's perfect since PM meetings aren't in the morning anymore. This event will be.

Also, my supervisor sent an email asking if my Friday was available. She beat me to contacting her. I should have been the one. But it's done with. I will focus on the outcome. I hope it's positive. Anticipation won't make me say crazy things, no it won't! :)

But it's on my mind.

Today's been full of lots of surprises and anticipation.

Catherine studied with me at the library for a few hours. I got a lot of reading done on ASP and I understand Recordsets, the Connection object, and QueryStrings a lot more. :) I feel like I'm on track to being okay by the exam.

I broke the monotony by driving to get Wendy's in the middle of the day. I also broke the monotony by having a scavenger hunt right in front of Taub in the Quads courtyard when I found Tim's notes he was supposed to give me in a bush, where he left it for me. Haha!! He said he wasn't available but he left it there. I could not believe I was on a hunt to find a piece of paper in the brush, but I did. And I felt like I just completed a scavenger hunt. Epic. I saw Zabdiel and Elizabeth at school, and in my INTB class, I did Tic-Tac-Toe with Adnan. When was the last time I did that? It made me feel like I was back in high school. I talked with Sanjay, Rolla, and Mario after and I broke the news about Williams to them. I feel okay about it today. It really does get better. ^_^ I'm ALIVE, that's a miracle in itself. No one can bring me down!

Tomorrow's an early morning: another Interview!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deep Focus Mode.

I think of the chess grandmasters that have had 10,000+ hours to study their chessgames and to really hone their craft.

I've never had that, or anything close to that in my college career. I know given the time for my midterm, I won't be able to carve out anything masterful, but I do know if I pool in all of my efforts by next Wednesday, I'll be okay. I really will. Additionally, from my midterm til the end of the semester, I really want to understand the concepts and be a wicked programmer for ASP, VB.NET, and C#.NET. I want to be able to know exactly what he's talking about, and know my preferences for the way of doing things after trying his methods, and not just having to memorize what he's written. I want to learn and truly apply what I'm learning. I want to use what I've learned in my website. I think that'd be neat-o!

So my calendar is cleared for TP2. Unless it's a critical event like an interview or family event, I intend to immerse myself completely.

I actually enjoy it very much, contrary to the usual response people have about long periods of studying. I think it's important to have questions answered that begin to float in your mind once a topic is broached. Too many unanswered questions create a hazy mess - and you deserve to allow your neurons fire and form associations to forge the truth! :D While studying, I've listened to a lot of First State (trance), and it's beautiful. Studying at the library really helped me focus, and for that, I'm thankful. As long as I'm relatively satiated, I can go for long periods studying. I've had more A-ha! moments than I could ever have imagined with ASP. It's incredible. The way a subject is taught makes all the difference. This book, Active Server Pages 3.0 for Beginners, although published in 1999, is a godsend.

Today I studied solo and then came together as a group to tackle a practice exam. I felt pretty accomplished, although the greatest accomplishment was understanding what I did not understand.

Tomorrow will be more of the same.

I enjoyed my management class thoroughly. It was about diversity. :) I maintained my healthy eating habits today. I'm proud of that. I definitely do not want the midterms/finals weight to creep up on me this semester, like it did for the past 2 semesters. It's not inevitable. If I start to believe it, then it will come true.

The difference is, this time I really want it.

With programming, a year ago, I didn't want it. Now, I really want it.

I'm excited for Halloween this year and to go to Austin to celebrate with my best friends. There's so much to look forward to, that when I look back upon these times, I want to be proud of what I accomplished. Even though I know what's about to happen in these coming weeks, I just know I will be surprised at how amazing it will be.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Moment I Said It.

The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap.

I love this song.

It's so wonderfully ethereal, beautiful, and a bit haunting.

Of course I see Mia Michael's choreography with this, but I also see it being a boy meets girl situation, and ensuing heartbreak. It goes through the whole spectrum of a relationship from beginning to end.

This song is best paired with a situation where there is about to be an incredibly beautiful, or tragic moment. How many songs can have that kind of versatility? :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nailed It.

What did I nail you ask?

My interview today with a mostly hardware company.

It went 10 minutes over, and I got direct feedback right after the interview that it went great. We talked about so many things.

*Tell me about your leadership role as President of UNICEF.
*What was a major challenge during my summer internship.
*Why should we hire you?
*Why did you choose MIS?
*What's your best quality?
*What are you most proficient at, in all of the technical things you've listed?
*Tell me about the Ethics Case Competition in which you achieved 1st place?
*Do you have any questions for me?
*Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

It was such a fun interview! I felt like I absolutely did a great job. There was great rapport, and I got 1000 brownie points for asking about their new CEO and HP's strategy. :) This is definitely one of those situations that I can look back fondly upon as the way I prefer interviews to go.

In addition to this, I went to TP2, did some conceptual studying afterward with friends, had a quick but effective check in with my PM team in which I finished my tutorials, and lastly a great friend of mine helped me out unwaveringly for my HP interview. :) That really touched my heart and it gave me an edge that I appreciated. It was very last minute but he said, he was available any time I needed it, and it turned out, everything worked out beautifully in the end. Energy and action follow thought! :D

Good day. Healthy eating. I felt like a million bucks in my business suit. And it felt great to catch a legitimate lunch with a friend at the UC and reminisce about elementary school. It's been so long since I've had one of these days. Also, before my interview, I actually had time to just bask in the sun and look at the fountain. So beautiful. :) I love my life.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Stretch.

I feel SO accomplished after single-handedly doing most of my project management's site migration. There were times where my heart palpitated because there was a 'This Page Is Not Found' page when I refreshed the home page. Any page but the HOME PAGE! :X So using my ingenuity, and getting into deep focus for 2 hours, I cranked it out, and it's done. Sure there are some more changes that need to be done, but in the scheme of things, they are small.

And I'm proud of myself. I'm also proud of the team, who are dependable and reliable. Except, I'm not sure about tonight, there were supposed to be 4/5 of us on call to do this migration. But no matter, what's done is done. And I couldn't have done it without the excellent First State playlist on YouTube that kept my senses going as I made edits, and was a HighPoint altering machine.

Other notable things about today... I finally went to Walmart to buy things that I believe will keep me from having my fundamental needs met. Like water. (hahaha!) Also a lightbulb since mine burned out nearly a month ago. So it's the little things that make such a huge difference.

Tomorrow I have a HP interview that I will call my friend to coach me on; after reading the requirements of the position, I would say this is the most technical position I've applied for, so I'm a bit apprehensive. I'm hoping it's mostly behavioral.

I read up on ASP, but I know I will need to make myself the ASP master before next Wednesday to feel happy. Time to get into deep focus!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today was definitely a great day! Every day is. It's a bit redundant to say so, but worth it anyway. :)

I finally saw the Social Network and I really liked it. I felt like it was a very compelling portrait of story where a social phenomenon occurred overnight. What stood out most to me were the concepts of loyalty. I feel very loyal to the friends I have, and this movie brought up issues of business mixing with friendships. I think the character of Mark Zuckerberg chose the business first but I think it suited his values. As I begin to learn more and more about my boundaries, I feel strongly about achieving results the right way. Sometimes there is no right way, so you choose the best path you can. This was a great use of my time and I felt that the cinematography and definitely the score was amazing.

I spent time with my best friend. We laughed and caught up even more as we went to the movies to see the Social Network. Beforehand, we ate at Boston's, a new chain that originated in Canada and took over the Bennigan's at AMC24. It was fun to try a new place. We made fun small talk with the server and it was wonderful to sit outside on a Saturday afternoon on the patio, wearing my sunglasses, drinking a cold Blue Moon, chatting with my best friend and doing a crossword puzzle on the coaster. These are just things I appreciate so much. It makes me happy to do them.

I feel a lot more caught up with my to-do list. My blogs are up to date (hooray!), I went home for the weekend, I did my INTB homework, organized my management notes, have a game plan for the upcoming week, sent out the meeting minutes for our penultimate client meeting, and feel really on top of my life right now.

Even in the regards where I haven't been keeping up, such as reconnecting with my Chevron buddies, I have a game plan for reconnecting finally. I'm sure they will understand once I explain.

And lastly, I feel centered because even though I was politely rejected by a company I interviewed with, I am learning to forgive myself. I ask myself, in 5 years, will this matter? The answer is a resounding no! :) I can't think about the what's and the why's, even though I have a pretty good idea. I'll send thank you emails to everyone I interacted with throughout the process and take what I learned and prevent the mistakes I made. Time to move forward to Sunday. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Interviews.

I felt very comfortable heading into my interviews today.

The first was a consulting firm I've been thinking about for nearly 2 years. However, I did my research on them last night. It felt like a great fit. Being challenged, developed, and working on projects in a variety of industries and clients.

Behavioral interview, and I think it went okay. :) Not my BEST but I definitely came with my A-game.

The questions were:
*What was my favorite class overall?
*What was my favorite MIS class?
*Do an analysis called a 'QUAL' for how I solved a problem. I used my internship as an example.
*How did I approach an ambiguous situation?
*What would you ask someone coming into consulting, to try to get a sense of who they are and if they're a good fit? Answer this question.
*What questions do you have?

It went by very quickly.

I definitely had time to regroup afterwards and do much better on my next interview with a natural gas firm.

A group of 3 males took turns asking me questions:
*Why Williams?
*Why did you choose MIS as a major?
*What is your favorite class?
*Name a situation in which you took the lead?
*If you could give advice to your 18 year old self starting college, what would you say?
*Do you prefer team or individual work?
*What 2 technologies do you know the best on your resume?
*What questions do you have for us?

These group of guys were so nice and wonderful. I'd love to work with them. They gave me honest answers when I asked what the weaknesses of the company were. They were always smiling and making jokes. I felt so comfortable.

I went home to the family to eat banh xeo tonight. This made me very happy to know that I have reconciled with my parents. :) I listened to my Samantha James CD that I just bought.

It's good just to sit back and relax a bit before I start prepping like mad for my TP2 midterm. :D I've got this! I'm an ace! And it's made even better because my best friend is coming to Spring tonight! Yay!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jimmy John's.

I deserved it for a week well done.

Jimmy John's run. I was flexible enough. I took my brother's car keys since he parked behind me, and winged it. Looked at Google Maps on my phone and found it, like a beautiful oasis in an urban jungle. I walked in and immediately felt so comfortable.

I ordered two #4's. Mmmmm, most delicious turkey sandwiches, that make me fall in love with mayo all over again. I noted how clean it was, and I chatted with the workers. I was the only one there, and it was beautiful at the love that seemed to exist to create this room. As I left, the cashier mentioned I should make sure to come back. I said, sure. Of course.

As I drove back, I felt free. I had ownership of my time and my exertion of effort. Only me, and that's how it should be. :)

Today was a very productive day.

Client meeting went very well. All of our pages were accepted, save for a few simple amendments. Only things left are the manual creation, making the small changes, and migrating the pages this Sunday. That is it!

I had a great time in DeFrank's class, talking about selection decisions, downsizing, forced rankings, promotions, hiring, recruiting, etc. It's a fascinating topic.

INTB was a good class. Our professor was taking time to go over the improvements she'd be making, like talking slower. LOL. She made an analogy of Pink Floyd, The Wizard of Oz and the monetary policy. Interesting.

Another great component of my day was going to the library, and browsing for MIS books with Javier and getting tacos from the HBSA fundraiser. YUM! It has been SO LONG since I was able to just eat outside and enjoy. It was a great day indeed.

Lastly, I've made the decision to go to Austin for Halloween, so I'm very excited about that. I've spoken to Derek, Sally, and Kyle about it. They're all excited for my arrival! Before I slept tonight, I talked to my stepmom and discussed when my brother and I could visit. And I spoke to Vivian on the phone for nearly 2 hours and some change just to catch up on our respective lives. :) <3 her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Change Management.

Today was another "Full Out" day. :)

I read up on Change Management in my book and did my research for the project management presentation.

While my group worked on HighPoint, I was glad that I was already done and started writing out my speech for the PowerPoint voiceover I had to do.

I put my headphones on at around 2:45 when time was getting tight, and cranked out some good speech material until 3:15, while listening to the fantastic Social Network soundtrack. Oh my goodness. I thought to myself, if Mark Zuckerberg can crank out a social networking site that could change the world in a fortnight, I can use some deep focus to finish this on time.

So I did. And Catherine complimented my ability to quickly learn her computer functions and start recording while she stepped out to use the bathroom. :)

I went to TP2, and actually followed along again. This makes me happy.

I had time to actually catch my breath this night. Sometimes you need time to just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. ^_^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Locked Out.

Being locked out isn't so bad.

I'm at the UH library, making use of my time since I am not current on my blog post requirements for myself! :)

I was making a lot of progress, starting my loads of laundry, sweeping the hall, stairs, the bathroom, and my bedroom, and as I was dusting off my rug, I went outside to do that, and when I came back... locked door.

Being locked out isn't new to me, but as I sat outside for 20 minutes or so, I thought of the possibilities just to think. My mind brainstormed.

*I could walk around the neighborhood, and go on the jogging trail by MacGregor and witness the beauty.
*I could go to the UH library, about a 10 minute walk away, and try to text my brother using Gmail, and correspond that way.

I ended up doing the latter. :) Thanks to my friend Catherine for texting me from her Gmail before, so I knew that it was definitely possible to text this way. Gmail SMS is a great choice I think - that way if my brother texts me back, it goes into Gchat, and I can access it right there. It's completely free. Not like I could pay for anything at the moment.

It's strange to me. For once in a very, very long time, I have nothing on me but my name. As I walked on the streets, I felt homeless, which didn't feel great. But on the upside, I felt fiercely independent. I knew no one could take anything from me. There was a weight off of my shoulders of not carrying valuable cash, credit cards, or an expensive wallet. Of course, I am valuable, but it's different when you're carrying something like money, which becomes a universal commodity.

I had a realization. At the end of the day, it's what's in my head that is the most valuable. That's what I'm recruiting for. A company out there wants me, with all of my knowledge, skills, and personality, to get the job done.

:) My brother just texted me back from Gchat SMS. Things are gonna be alright. As long as you're alive, there is a way of looking at things on the brightside. Things will be okay. It gets better.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Today was just noteworthy in a lot of ways. I felt on top of things.

*I volunteered to do our PM Presentation this week. Also, I helped fix the Gantt chart, took on Catherine's About Us page, embedded the YouTube video for my page, completed the SEO metatagging for my 4 pages, and overall just glued the project together in this time of chaos for a lot of my group member's. Poor Catherine is overwhelmed by her classes and Felicia is sick. I felt good to chip in what I could, since I can handle it right now. In 2 weeks, I won't be able to give this amount of time. So my plan to frontload my efforts ought to be great. :)

*Had time to take a drive to the library to drop off my book. It was fun, and driving in the deep recess of the parking garage felt like an adventure. I spoke to a much older gentleman who was fun to talk to since he's what I picture in mind of a fun-loving grandfather who has managed to retain his youthful vibrance. It gave me a lot of hope. Everyone I talked to at the library was very nice. It's such a great place.

*Had a brief conversation with my best friend. We laughed for a good 15 minutes about the Montgomery Flea Market video. :) I've been texting him long strings of really funny occurrences or thoughts in my head. It really makes me grateful to know that he and I have the same humor. What would I do without him?

*Found a great site that streams Mad Men! So I watched an episode and it made me very happy since it was a good one. Season 3 Episode 1 - check. I felt as if I hadn't watched the show in ages. It was good to return to.

*My mood today has been great. I paid attention in TP2, I chatted it up with my peers, I talked to friend afterwards, I ran into my favorite person, Sa, and I had a nice detour with Javier and Fabiola before I finally walked home to rest.

*Progress: I made a lot of progress on my check list. Finally uploaded my Lady Gaga photos, started reading my book on Visual Basic, looked over my project management review, and sent out a few recruiting emails. There's lots more to do, but after being sick and having it affect my productivity, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breaking Bad.

Such a great show. Premise is simple. A grade school chemistry teacher with a wife and child, and child on the way, discovers he has lung cancer. Not wanting to leave his family in a mountain of debt, he puts his skills to use and starts cooking up crystal meth.

Not completely in line with my values, but the reason why people can sympathize with Walt's character so well is because he's been a repressed character for most of his life, and this crisis allows him to open up and take a risk.

While taking a risk, he takes many, he becomes free, and happy, despite his terminal illness.

I thought about the name of the show 'breaking bad'. What is it to 'break bad'? It's to turn loose, to let go, to be yourself and to be raw and honest.

Everyone needs to break bad once in a while.

I can't remember the last time I broke bad. This needs to change. With school going on, this shouldn't be an excuse to not break bad. I realize I'm going to miss the socialization that comes with college life, so I need to take action now, and find something that will get my adrenaline pumping.

I'll keep this point updated. :)

Lastly, on the topic of Crystal Meth; the topic fascinates me. I've looked at photos of people who have been on crystal meth for as little as 3 months, and their teeth are eroded and their skin looks aged a good 10 years. It's insane. Your mind is a powerful thing, but when an agent works on your body and convinces you of its necessity, that's scary. Also, a fascination of the show is the fact that it's synthetic and can be concocted (although not realistically in your home due to the fumes and how hard it is to conceal). And the description of the 'cooking' as an artform. The more clear, the purer it is. There's a sense of beauty to it. But as always, do not judge a book by its cover.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Party.

It was great to go home. I was a bit apprehensive at first. But I just thought about the humanity in my parents. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay. But it's not okay to never confront them, and move forward.

My brother asked if I had a gameplan. I said, yes and no. I have a general idea of where I'm headed. I'm apologetic of course, for allowing the specificity of the situation to cloud how I feel overall about my mom. I love my mom to death. I just forgot how to understand and interpret her actions. I forgot that she one of her biggest feelings of accomplishment and contentment is to provide for us. To provide food and to do laundry for me. I remember now.

When I got home, things were tense at first. But it felt normal all at once.

I didn't get time to touch base, but I think we had time to spend time near one another at dinner.

I took photographs for the family all night, and took my mom out to take photos of her in the front yard. And seeing her behind the lens, made me realize how beautiful my mom was. When I was forced to find that angle and to frame her beauty, I found that it was easy.

My mom's food and her actions glowed that night.

I felt remorseful of course.

I had a great time just hanging out with my cousins and relatives. Met and talked to new ones galore, and ate my heart out. I enjoyed a beer, being of age, and just enjoyed the sights. The men playing cards at the end of the table, gambling. The women gabbing away. The children video recording one another and running around the house, laughing. It was incredible. I stayed the entire night. It was great not to have to be in a rush to leave. I went back to my parents house, picked up some food, and then went home to get back to studying.

Everyone yearns for reconciliation. And although it's not 100% with my parents yet, it's on its way there.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Productivity Central.

Today was the day I went through a battery of interviews, and managed to do my create, insert, delete, and update programs in TP2.

First up, was an internal audit firm.

I read up on all I could, and arrived right on time. I put my purse in a snazzy locker, and proceeded to talk to Casey Jo for about 10 minutes. She just gave an overview on the culture, talked about travel, and warmed us up before she gave us away to our first interviewer. I started off with Justin, and it was all behavioral. I had a great time talking with him. The questions were about a challenge I faced (Hunger Banquet organization and tactical planning), getting others to agree with an idea (getting restaurant owners to adopt the Tap Project), having to deal with a difficult situation (doing a demo of my mock-up site), and more. I remember mentioning to him that I built a server at home, and worked on SharePoint, so I could rock and roll by Monday morning. :) 30 minutes later, I sat with Samir, and the first couple of questions were about me. I don't quite recall the contents, but it switched over to what I wanted to know about the company. I firmly feel like the purpose of the first was to find out if I would be professionally able to work in the company, and the second interview was to find out whether they felt I was a good fit, based on the quality of questions, and how I interacted. I asked him how change management lived in an auditing environment. I asked how meetings ran. I asked how travel was. I asked the learning opportunities. And I have a really great feeling about the company and what I learned.

I automatically switched gears, and got ready for my heavy construction software company interviews. There was a 45 minute logic test, that was pretty simple. Then I interviewed with an HR personnel, and 2 tech service analysts. The questions were the same in some cases, and I felt fatigued, especially after waiting for 20 minutes sometimes, between interviews and saying the same things.

It was a grueling 3 and a half hours. But definitely, a wonderful learning experience because I know in my life, there will never be a time where recruiters are lined up to meet you. So I must take advantage of this opportunity.

HR interview - I mentioned my mock interviewer and the consulting opportunity he mentioned. She shut that idea down by saying it wasn't going to be recruited for until next year at least. So we proceeded down the path she was paving. She asked about the salary I wanted, and I deferred that question for later. That caught me off guard. She asked about a challenge, how I dealt with a difficult customer situation (UNICEF members who want to volunteer abroad, and steering them towards understanding fundraising at home is just as important), asked if we volunteered with children, what my favorite class is, told her about Chevron, and more.

Tech Services 1 - This guy was an absolute pleasure to talk with and be interviewed by. He was funny, and he and I were on the same wavelength when I explained things. I talked about my favorite class, and I mentioned TP2, and how I get to be a nerd, and he wrote a note down. :) I talked about Chevron, and UNICEF, and he asked what I get excited by besides academic things. I said, photography, and I pointed to the picture on the wall as an example. I mentioned that the artist decides the depth of field and what's in focus, so that distractions are removed. I thought capturing this moment in time in photography, is so fun.

Tech Services 2 - I couldn't read him, and for some of the same exact questions, I responded similarly, yet his reaction was one of non-reaction. He was expressionless. And at one point, he looked unfulfilled, so I asked if I should clarify an answer and he said I sort of answered the question but we should move on. At the end, he also asked what I got excited about besides technology. I also mentioned photography, and he only asked me what camera I have. I just didn't think we clicked as well as we could have. We also ended 20 minutes later, when I mentioned I had an appointment at 4:30, and let him know it takes 30 minutes to arrive back to my home.

After these interviews, I was beat. But I trudged through and buddied up at Bauer to work on my TP2 programs. I ended up finishing them all, and it was the best thing ever to take a break and eat somewhere new: Tacos Del Julio (WONDERFUL PLACE! It gets my best recommendations). The place was a place I normally wouldn't venture to, but I sincerely appreciated the change of scenery. There were singers that did covers of old spanish music, the place was well decorated and classy, there was great arroz and tacos (a little bit too greasy but that's the only downside), and wonderful horchata! I felt so happy. Also, there's something about driving on 45 at night with the windows down and the wind blowing in your hair. :) Very reminiscent of Nocturnal Fest or driving in Lee's convertible.

:) I ended the night at around 11, when my friend and I watched funny Youtube videos and I was taken home.

GOOD DAY. I want to leave this semester feeling SO confident with interviews and comfortable doing my ASP programs, it's scary. ^_^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moody Towers.

An arduous day. Or rather, a day filled with many opportunities to grow!

Still getting over my sickness.

Had an exam at 2:30 for Economics of Globalization and had no idea how the format would be. Sure she spoon feeds us, but you can never be too sure. The first exam always sets the tone.

I went to Management, my favorite class. We learned about Sexual Harassment and the EEOC. Very interesting lecture.

The INTB exam went well. I ended up getting a 92, which I am very pleased about. :D

I ate at the new Moody Towers!!!! This was the highlight of my day. So I got caught up with my friend Sanjay, and he accompanied me first to Chili's, but that was closed by 3pm. So I tried the buffet at the Towers. It was WONDERFUL. I'm talking unlimited food, that's prepared fresh, all for about $7.50. :D I had a burger, 2 stuffed bell peppers, a salad, and a powerade drink. I was very very happy. Even more than the beautiful high ceilings, the new decor, and just the feel of it all, was the early 2000's music playing. I knew all of the songs, and it wasn't too old where I felt outdated, and not new enough where I felt like I was listening to the radio. It was perfect in every way. :)

One of my new favorite places. I felt relaxed, now. After this hectic week.

I went to the Shell meeting with an open mind. It turns out they are done with their Fall recruiting. I shall have to catch them in the Spring.

I had a fun time just chatting with people. Getting out there, even if there's no purpose, just because you have to leave yourself some time to let opportunities happen. :)

Good night moon. Lots of interviews tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Under the Weather.

Woke up feeling absolutely congested, tired, and sneezy.

I had to cancel out my plans for the day: project management meeting and TP2.

I felt terrible for canceling, but I knew the cost of going might make my entire team sick and would ruin everyone's productivity. So I thought about that, and the Chevron Way (in which, if one has a cold, it is absolutely encouraged to go home!)

After going 180mph for the last two months, the upside was it felt good to take a mental health day.

^_^ I think this was good for me in the long run. I still had time to refocus and think about my game plan for when I got better.

My productivity was shot for the day, but like Catherine said, get better, because the team will need me in full form the next week! It certainly feels good to have such a great team and to feel needed. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interview 4. Mock Style.

I had a mock interview today with the software company I interviewed with for the first time this year.

He told me I was the best of the day, despite that there were only 8, of course it was an ego boost. He did something unorthodox which was offer me a tour and a chance to meet the VP of the consulting arm of the firm, to get an internship in the Spring. It all sounds wonderful.

This was a different interview than most. It wasn't behavioral, it was more long-term oriented, so it definitely gave me a stretch, which I appreciated.

*Why did you choose this company to interview with?
*What would you say are your greatest strengths? - I mentioned I am the glue, and I bring everyone together while catching blind spots.
*He asked how do you counter the micromanaging tendency with that? I told them, my team has my trust. It is only when it goes awry, that it becomes a problem that I'm willing to be a part of fixing.
*Why consulting?
*What are your long-term goals in consulting?
*Describe your role as Support Analyst.
*What is your favorite class in college? I really think I nailed down my passion and enthusiasm with this one.

It made my day.

*Talking with my best friend about what's been going on with her has been good as well. Her grandmother is very very ill, and it makes me sad to see her concerned about her mother. We got to catch up on everything: boys, career goals, social life, academics, and the balance of it all.
*My Tuesday class, Management, is by far the most entertaining class I have. DeFrank is so amusing and brilliant.
*No photoshooting today, but I will definitely allow my buddy some time to mourn the loss of his grandfather. Seems like a time of illness and loss for a lot of people, but I hope to be strong for them despite it.
*My dad called me and talked to me. I was very calm and patient with him, which is what he appeals to. He could tell I was sick, and told me to get medicine and sleep (in his angry voice), which I know means he loves me. :) I'll go home this weekend to spend time with them and my relatives.
*Drifting Away is such a BEAUTIFUL trance song. <3<3<3

Monday, October 4, 2010

Deep Focus.

I've been reading a whole lot on the concept of deep focus, how to counter procrastination, and how to discover your passions.

And I'm focused on taking action and making a change.

This means ultimately...

Deep focus: I need to practice on focusing. This means when I read, when I start having that inner-chatter to stop, I can't. I need to believe I have so much more in me, to develop my focus stamina. Those that do dissertations and are in the fields of research have the time to develop this, and my perceptions of what is possible has changed. It's not inherent to be so disciplined. It's a result of hard training.

Fighting procrastination: Taking a big step immediately. It makes biting off the project or huge obstacle in the way much more manageable.

How to discover your passions: Leave ample amounts of time for discovery. At first it will be loads of free time which I feel uncomfortable with. But as I find things that I like, it will fill in my free time, but still leave me with time to follow up on other kinds of interesting things for me.

These are 3 simple but life-changing concepts that I firmly believe in, and am determined to have impact my life in a positive way.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Despite how angry he gets, I know my friend is someone that I will love sincerely, but I know he's someone that can't get too close. Because when he gets too close, I will start ritualizing the process in which he gets angry, and it will become a part of me. Who you be, they will become. I know this all too well.

We were at the airport, and we got out, and took a photo. And gave hugs goodbye. :)

I walked in the Atlanta airport, and flew back to my Houston life.

I had the most delicious leftover Jimmy Johns sandwich I've ever had. It made my day. I read more chapters of Management and felt motivated.

The plane ride, I just felt happy to have a successful journey. One in which, no one was harmed. No dramatic situations harmed friendships. And I got to know my friends a lot better.

I was picked up by my faithful brother who patiently waited at the airport with me. I gave him his snowglobe present and solar keychain, which I think is really cool!

I immediately got back to the groove of things. But not before I took a long nap. :)

This weekend I fell off the wagon in terms of my Habit Factor application streak, but I will get back on. ASAP.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

School Spirit.

Being at Auburn University has taught me something very crucial. It immersed me, completely in a school, in a CULTURE where everyone around you had PRIDE.

I felt it. It was visceral and tangible. I loved it so much. I cried so hard because I loved it so much and I wanted it so badly for my school. I think UH is a diamond in the rough, that deserves SO much more than it has. It's a wonderful, superb school and I will defend it til the end of time, but the perception of others does not match what I believe and feel.

I thought about Case Keenum. My heart smiles when I think about how he stayed at UH for his 5th year, to bring a gift to the University of Houston: THE GIFT OF PRIDE. He brought it for the first two games of the season in which we did stellar, and with his injury, it breaks my heart because he really could have single-handedly turned around our school pride. I believe in our football team and his leadership that much. I must say, I do think it's unfair for that pressure to have been put upon him. Although I don't know him well, by observation I feel he has handled every situation surrounding his football career with humility and poise. I envisioned him being the fountainhead of UH, the true underdog, finally getting its glory in the college football rankings, where others would start to learn of the greatness of UH.

There were certain rituals that I thought were beautiful at Auburn. For a second, I could really see myself there, and getting caught in the moment. Of course, I would NEVER trade the experiences I've had at UH for an Auburn education. Never. Never. But I see Aubie, the tiger, waving the Auburn flag, and everyone in the stands standing up cheering. More than 80,000 in the stands, and this in my friend's opinion, was not a crowded day. My jaw dropped. I watched as their war eagle glided all around the stadium and made its way back to the center. This was a game ritual, that made me tear up, as I heard everyone yells fading out to a drone. It was so majestic and well-put together. I loved the work of this invisible hand.

EVERYONE knew the football cheers. There was a man with a microphone leading the cheers before the game started, to amp everyone up, and with all my being, I cried at the synergy and love I felt in that stadium. A love for something communal. A love for Auburn, where it started for them all. And I thought to myself, I want this for my school, SO bad. So I would see the Auburn team, on their HD jumbotron, coming out and they even had their own epic clip show with the Inception theme song. I couldn't stand it. I continued bawling.

Auburn won 52 - 3 against University of Lousiana - Monroe. I think to myself, imagine being somewhere where we were all connected by pride to something bigger. Our school. How I would love to have that. I accept and love my school for what it is, in the way I love Texas and America and my Vietnamese ethnicity, but I hope the best for my school as well. :) I appreciate this weekend for opening my eyes to what PRIDE really looks like, and how my school will look like.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama.

I had my wonderful friend take me to the airport. I appreciated that so much. I have the greatest friends.

First time I've had an extended stay in Alabama. :) Well, Auburn, to be more specific.

I flew in, and remembered the hugs I got from my 3 friends. I felt loved. Even though I wasn't 'home'; I was home and welcome.

We drove in and we went to go eat at a Creole place. We spent so much time talking since our food took ages to come out, but no matter, we were basking in the presence of each other. That's what mattered.

We ate, stopped by at the Goal Post store to pick up some pre-gaming goods.

Pre-gamed for an hour at our friend's apartment, and strolled for 15 minutes to SkyBar, where... you can see the sky. ;)

I had so much fun watching people, laughing, buying drinks for my friends and myself, unwinding after 2 arduous weeks, and dancing with Beebs on the wooden dance floor.

I had so much fun making voicemails to our friends. Making a joke and tapping someone on the shoulder like I knew them, and pretending I mistook him for someone else.

As we walked out, I noticed I lost my Japanese heart key necklace charm, and we sought to find it. We were unsuccessful, but I realized, material things don't matter anyhow. It can be replaced. Not literally, but I will find something I adore even more soon.

One of our friends got a pizza, and we ambled back to his apartment.

My friends really do take the cake in taking care of me. And I really appreciate that. I feel SAFE when I'm around them, despite any personality differences because we have our hearts in the right place and we like doing the right, responsible thing.

I haven't had so much fun in one night. And I certainly had more fun as we walked to the game the next morning, and until halftime approached. :) Worth it. Worth every sip. Priceless moments that couldn't have happened unless everything occurred as it did.