Monday, October 3, 2011

The Thrill.

Song of the moment: Calvin Harris & Deadmau5 - I'm Not Alone.

I recognize the name, and I hesitate as I consider whether I should go down to lunch with my friends or work some more.

Leap of faith. I feel like my life is comprised of these.

So I go downstairs.

Downstairs, I meet my friends and another whom I've met before but only in name. I recognize the name because I had it in my phone. Let me explain.

I remember I met him briefly when my friend from out of town came in for training and invited all of his new friends out. I chatted everyone up, and that's why I couldn't recall his face or anything about him. I do remember his gracious offer of answering any questions via email. I never took him on the offer but I read his name week after week after week in my iPhone notes while I waited for the stars to align. They did, and my offer came eventually.

So there he was. We had lunch and I kept asking myself how could I forget such a remarkable and funny person. He kept making offhand quips that I couldn't help but laugh so hard at.

I kept asking myself... who is this?!

I left late today, and everyone on my MS Lync had logged off. It was just me and an empty floor. I felt super relaxed and confident in my comfortable heels. Great $25 buy btw. As I got off the escalator and was about to walk through the elevator banks, I saw a guy in blue up ahead. Normally, I'd glance and be distracted, but I was so focused on my calm that I didn't care.

I noticed though, that the figured stopped and stared. That's the universal body language of recognition. I looked at him, and I smiled at the odds. It was him. We walked and talked to the parking garage about being lost and feeling intelligent, but I just felt like, tough day aside, he really made my day. :) Sigh. It's been a while since I've felt the thrill, but I'm glad it's back, however long it decides to stay.