Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Lakewood Experience.

I finally, finally went to Lakewood Church this morning! :) For a LONG time I wanted to meet Joel Osteen - I am fascinated by him. I'm attempting to pin down this fascination. His story captivates me, first and foremost. He started off behind the scenes for his father's church TV program, completely unobtrusive and timid. He believed he was destined to remain there. He was thrusted into the limelight a week before his father's death, spurning it every step of the way, until he was completely accepting of his evident gift to reach people and to connect. He's completely charming, humble, and genuine. He is a very compassionate role model and there are many qualities I admire; I'm sure many people admire him, religious or secular alike.

I went with Amnah and the whole experience, especially from the first steps into the large arena was astounding. The audience in and of itself, is so inspiring. There are thousands of people packed and standing; we were on the 2nd floor and it was incredible the sheer amount of people. I was in awe. Seeing it on TV is not the same. There's not the same awe at 2am, vegging out in bed, watching pixelated visages.

The whole experience was topped off - I got to meet Mr. Osteen! :) He's simply so down-to-earth. I have a photo of him (he's a bit hard to see... but he's there!) All in all, today was a great day! And great, is what every day will be!

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