Friday, March 19, 2010

Bank Account.

So today, a bunch of obstacles decided to appear for me to put my name on the UNICEF bank account.

Sigh. :) Bring it.

So Alex, his girlfriend, and I hit our first roadblock. It was a physical barrier. The UC was closed. The metal gates were down on all sides, and therefore, the 51 University Drive Woodforest National Bank location was closed.

Before Alex said a word, I was making calls to another Woodforest Bank to see if they could handle the business we wanted to accomplish. The customer representative, I won't forget his name, Isaac, said 'Indeed.'

So off to another Woodforest we went.

I carpooled us all, and I inadvertently went on the highway instead of the feeder road off of Spur 5. It was a good thing because Alex forgot papers he needed. It was the ongoing joke of the day. Technology and circumstance always keeps Alex in check. :) So we make a complete circle, and off we finally depart to Woodforest!

We walk in and the teller gives us a litany of questions about our situation. We inform him that the other person on the account is not here, and she is unreachable. For a long time, he persists and determines we are unable to edit the account at all if all parties on the account are not present. We do NOT relent.

Alex communicates that he was able to be added on to the account without all members of the party present. He also adds, "if we can't add or delete people on the account, then our organization will never be able to access money next year, or the year after next, and our entire future."

This point, resonated with the teller. He talked with his supervisor. His supervisor was jovial and told him with vigor to add me to the account if I'm on the memorandum. The teller, equipped with more ammo, tells us we need our memorandum as proof that I'm a part of the organization. We whip it out, already prepared for that circumstance.

He plows forward again. He asks about Amnah. He asks about her presence. We say she is unable to be here. He says he cannot move forward without all members of the current memorandum. I inform him that it is only Alex and I that wish to be on the bank account. We are fine with only two people on the account. The teller gives us a wary eye, but our smiles I'm sure disarmed him.

Alex, his girlfriend, and I, made the best of an hour and a half standing at the bank counter getting caught up with each other, reminiscing about Pokemon, making jokes, and talking about his tasks for UNICEF. Instead of it being "I spent an hour and a half at the bank", it became comedy hour ... at the bank. Our teller for the most part was stoic for the good hour and a half, but by the end, we wore him down with our goofiness. I can't believe we provided a free show.

We walked away with my name on the account, finally. The data entry and the repeated trips back and forth with his supervisor led to a long wait time, but my focus is our clean and humor-laden victory.

As our teller put it, "How are your legs doing? Are they tired from standing?" Alex chimes in and says, "Nope, they feel great!" The teller continues, "So I should make you wait some more?" Alex quips, "Yep. We'll take another hour!"

:) Haha.

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