Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I like the quiet spaces. The quiet corners where some of the deepest thoughts resonate.

But most of all I like the context of the artwork. Sure, artwork alone allows me to create my own context. Whatever inspires me, or whatever my eye catches, I'll create a story. Some artists allow you the creative freedom to piece together what you want. Other artists want to give the lovely gift of perspective. Along every exhibit there's a placard with a description of what the motifs and themes are and the questions they prodded and wrestled with. I love to first, scan the photos, and try to predict the themes. I piece together my own meaning based on the clues I see. Then, I read the placard, and understand what it is the artist wants me to see. I make a leap from where I stood, to where I should be. That journey is the best part.

Sometimes the placard is meritorious based on the words and concepts alone. And sometimes the work of art outshines any attempt to explain what it may mean. Most often, the art pieces have little life or heart until I understand the thoughts from which it flourished. Revisiting it is so powerful. That's when it becomes beautiful. It's the same way I feel when I look at someone's face, and let the thoughts and prejudgments come forth. I know that prejudgments aside, this is a human being with all the desires and goals that are equal amongst all human beings. It's amazing to see the heart after you get to know someone. The same with art. It screams, "Don't judge me, get to know me."

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