Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3rd Rock from the Sun.

I forgot why I love this show.

Background information: There's a group of 4 aliens that take the life form of humans on Earth, and their mission is to learn more about human life. Sally is the military intelligence expert whose goal is to learn about being a woman. Tommy is a brilliant scholar who is in the body of a teenager and must learn about human culture. Harry is a communication receptacle. And lastly, Dick is the high commander who is leader to the group and is also learning everything he can about humans and the quirks of life.

The funniest parts have to do with their inability to grasp certain concepts we take for granted.

For example, believing that the lottery is a game to select the same numbers that are drawn. They enthusiastically rip apart the winning ticket when the numbers called match up with theirs. :)

Also, everything is so over the top because they are experiencing certain things for the very first time. :) That is what I love most about the show. And that is something that reminds me of certain things in my life that I've forgotten, and its importance and novelty.

What an amazing show concept. Hip hip hooray!

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