Friday, April 16, 2010

Girl Chivalry.

Everyone knows a true gentleman will open the door for others, pull a chair to seat a woman, offer his jacket when it's cold, and his umbrella when it rains.

I choose to conduct myself similarly. I won't go as far to pull chairs for a man or woman, but I take it upon myself to be a leader and to fulfill needs when I can, such as giving up my seat or finding a seat if an unexpected guest drops in.

I love opening doors for others.

I love to do this for men. The look of surprise I sometimes get, makes me smile. Or sometimes their adamant refusal makes me smile. I appreciate their adherence to their principles. I think it'd be a great movement for women to create a perception of of being independent and feminine, but to be a stakeholder in performing niceties that males have always been given credit for. We can rightfully get a piece of that pie.

Let's introduce some girl chivalry in this world, why don't we all?

I imagine a world of surprised looks. I imagine a world where we males and females don't always have to talk about the opposite sex as if they were aliens. Less talk about the battle of the sexes, and let's start praising each other for what we are. There's a reason why a lot of us tend to fall in love and marry those of the opposite sex - let's not forget that. :)

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