Sunday, April 11, 2010


So here I was volunteering at the Children's Festival, and there were moments that were very beautiful.

Viv and I were in charge of the roller coaster booth. It had room for 8 and we were in charge of taking tickets and helping kids get on and off the roller coasters. A lot of the children were just a couple of years old so I had to help them get on by carrying them. I think I carried hundreds of children, haha. It brought me down to a level that I needed. I think the same happened for Viv. We were just acting so silly. "Are you excited? Are you going to raise your hands in the air?" Some kids just need someone to follow.

I spoke with a good friend of mine and he said, "I want to be sure I leave a good wake behind." I forgot the lesson of the wake, the remnants that come off from every action, glance, word that you say. I want to make sure I leave a positive wake. So even if a child was sleeping on the ride (lol!), I made sure I brought my A-game and smiled, wooped and hollered, so that they can see that this ride is something definitely to be excited about.

There's just something so magical about doing something as simple of this. I loved just leading the kids to the dinosaur ride carts. Holding their hands and leading them and carrying their tiny bodies and lifting them up into an experience that they may remember. Strapping them using seat belts. High fiving them as they went along, and the smiles that came for free.

Life isn't that difficult. Just smile and anchor in the things that make you happy.

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