Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seeing Beyond Color.

I recall after Beyond Excellence I distinctly saw beyond the color of my brothers and sisters. I was genuinely disgusted with how my prejudgments manifested itself to prevent myself from getting close to others. I already wrote them off in my mind.

Up until now, I would say I had a type. By type I mean a preference in who I dated, in term of race, body type, height, and other physical attributes. But now, being more of a global citizen, not only do I appeal more to other people, but I find other people appealing. I don't care so much what's on the surface. I know better. I can't just throw my hands up the air and feign ignorance. I know any stint looking superficially will bite me on the butt, and will end up in a short-lived romance. While girls my same age are looking for the bad boys with the fitted clothes, ripped bod, and swagger, I'm looking for the boys that are earnest, funny, and have character.

I've gone back to basics when all my life I've been concerned with the details. I understand now the color of one's skin is a detail.

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