Friday, March 26, 2010

The Woodlands.

To me, the Woodlands evokes my high school life and also, moments where the air was a bit cleaner, the ground wasn't as littered, and the stone that the buildings were made of were newer. I can't transcribe all that I feel about it, but there's layers to it.

The Woodlands is a beautiful place, but it's not a place where I'd love to live. I'd love to live in a place more fleshed out, and with ample character. The Woodlands has beautiful facets on every corner, and it's a great place for a day trip or a fun time to have at night, walking along the waterway.

But a post about Houston is coming on its way.

For now, I'm talking about the Woodlands. And how it never fails to bring a smile on my face because it's a great place to go. A bit short-lived in the activities you can do, but it's okay. Because that's the role it has in my life. Like High school, the 4 years it's been there, and the day trips I have there, it's not meant to be the center. Just very fun, memorable experiences.

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