Monday, June 14, 2010

We're All Really Self-Employed.

I'm so inspired.

Heard a wonderful seminar today by M. Semonick.

I will dedicate many blog posts to the gems I took away, that I need to inculcate within me or reinforce.

Two important points come to mind when I think about this quote.

One: We as human beings can not come to associate our work with our identity. It must be separate because there will be reasons beyond our control for severing ties with a job. It may be downsizing, it may be politics, whatever the case there's a chance where it is not you. I by my very nature work very hard. I do not want that to be the predefining quality of me. I don't want to be so entrenched in my work that if circumstance were to happen, I would be devastated. Work will be a big component of my life, but there needs to be a life out of that - family, friends, hobbies, other dreams - to keep you anchored.

Two: In this day and age, we are self-employed. All of us. Jobs may shift in and out quickly. Always being aware and upkeeping your network and communications with others in case something goes awry or an opportunity crops up means that we have to understand that we have to put ourselves and our dreams first. To say yes to ourselves, it to really say yes to others. You can't say yes to a role, when you haven't sold yourself that there's no where you'd rather be.

This mentality also makes you very strong-minded. We are leaders in any role. Even if there are no direct reports. It's the way you are as a sister, daughter, companion, employee, etc.

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