Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Proud.

It was his birthday.

I've been having a conversation in my head that said, my body could be a lot better and I'm apprehensive at the judgments they will make of me.

But I was on the phone, I had a little bit of liquid courage in me, and I said Eff it.

Off with my clothes, which was a bit difficult, with a phone in my hand.

Out of my comfort zone and into the water I went.

It was difficult. To see the BEAUTIFUL sculpted bodies everyone had.

But I had to realize, I have a beautiful one too. Mine is just as gorgeous. And everyone should see it.

I'm proud for this big leap. A year ago, I wouldn't have dared to. Now I will. Because to be honest, a guy who can't see me for my true beauty when I am wearing a bikini is blind. I may not be a Victoria Secret model, but I'm way better, I'm authentic.


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