Friday, July 2, 2010


I watched Avatar again. It's a movie I dearly love because of the values it inculcates.

*Sticking to your guns and pursuing the path you believe in, even if it'll get you killed.
*Risk-taking for love and belief.
*Building trust because of genuine desire. And the courage to rebuild trust when mistakes are made, and relentlessly pursuing it.
*Never giving up, even in the face of huge adversity.
*Listening to your heart, and falling in love even when it's frowned upon and taboo.
*Leveraging your confidence to get you through situations that seem against all odds.
*A world of positivity always wins out in a world of negativity. Doing the right thing always wins.
*Don't underestimate the balance of energy when it comes to nature. If you push, push, and continuously push nature, nature will eventually push back.

The final battle scene - had me in tears.

Why? Oh lord, I find myself getting emotional more often, which I think is great. :)

I think the rawest of emotions come out when there's so MUCH on the line. Your family. The love of your life. The people you've grown up with. The animals. The respect of your land. The soul of your terrain. It's everything. Every associative thing, is on the line. I think I'm largely a proponent of peace. But if there's one facet I want to highlight and respect, it's the process that occurs when one is thrown into an environment where one has to put oneself on the line, and believe that their actions matter because it's LIFE or DEATH for themselves and anyone around them. I am in awe at the ability to feel so POWERFUL in such a physical way.

I can only imagine how visceral and tragic it is to witness the deaths of those in front of you and around you in wars past and present. There's been so many in our world's history. If I could put my ear to the ground and ask the earth one question, it would be, "Mother Earth, what have you seen in all your years?"

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