Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interior Design.

I went into this magnificent house for Dave's birthday. It was held at his cousin's house.

Some of the features:

*An elevator (!!!)
*A wine cellar on the first floor - temperature controlled room and everything.
*Kitchen - with stove that heats up to a ridiculous temperature requiring jewelry to be taken off when operated
*Garage with A/C and risers to fit 4 cars in a 2 car garage.
*Each guest bedroom has its own bathroom
*Spanish tile
*Entertainment (movie theater) room with beautiful plush chairs and incredible sound
*Pool table
*Beautiful pool with beach-style entry and a throne embedded in the shallow part of it. There's also a fountain.
*Lounging ceiling covered area with chairs, table, fireplace outside by the pool.
*Embedded grill by the pool.
*Organic bug repellent that sprays in the backyard via a sprinkler-like mechanism.

The list goes on.

The point is, it's a very beautiful, over-the-top home. 7000 sq feet, and definitely too big for the kind of home I'd like, but it did rekindle the Martha Stewart in me. I've always like interior decorating and I know that right now is not the time to think of it in serious terms. But I can still flirt around with what designs I like and keep them in my back pocket for when I get my first apartment after I graduate, get a job, etc. :)

Very, very excited to decorate. It's going to be Minimalist but every piece is going to count. I want to be sure that I don't fall into the Fight Club trap of letting my possessions enslave me. There's always a happy medium and I strongly believe the house that I mentioned above would entangle me too deeply if something were to happen to the house. The key is to let your character do the talking - the apartment is complementary, and it shouldn't be anything more.

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