Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rock Solid.

After I left work I headed to Banana Republic and the suits it had to offer were way over my price range. I went to Express with a wish and a prayer, and one of the sales attendants made my day by helping me pick a beautiful suit and blouse. Certainly some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe now. She made me feel very good and complimented the suit on me, saying it looked very cute. :) She said, I want you to do well, I want you to get the job. I know that you like your friend, but I want you to get it! :D hahaha, it was very funny.

The night before, my good friend Freddy came over to hear my rehearsal of the presentation. I am SO THANKFUL for Freddy. My savior, for always being there for me when I need him.

He told me what I needed to hear, I was giving wayyy too much detail for certain parts. I need to speed it up along. We caught up and I got my sleep that night.

I put it all together, when I went to the IDE to rehearse. Malcolm came and got me and we walked down together. Thankfully I came at the right moment because Jordan just finished presenting before me, and I came in a couple of minutes before that point.

I hooked up the mic to myself, and turned on the charm. It was a great moment in my life to accomplish this, to see Beebe's smiling face in the crowd, to know that JJ was there, along with Evan and Jacob. I later found out that Scott and Charron both heard my speech too. :) I received so many compliments on it and that also made me feel like I did a job well done.

I got through my slides, I believe on time, and at first, I stumbled on my words, but I breathed, and got through it by thinking very positively and just remembering the things I rehearsed.

The Q&A was fascinating and I handled it like a champ and got compliments from JJ and Sheri about it. :D I got questions like, if a division wanted to make a migration to SharePoint what would you recommend? What are the specifics to ensure the Community of Practice will work? How do I get the metrics to be shown in charts and graphs? [Great answer I had with Spotfire, thanks MIKE!] And more. I was on cloud 9 when I sat down.

Of course Beebs did a great job as well. And everyone else. All in all, I did have a wonderful experience with Chevron, and I'd love to come back. This huge obstacle of being ready for a presentation that would say so much about me, makes me very proud.

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