Sunday, October 31, 2010


I put on the white go-go boots. Mod clothing. Pink scarf. And I felt like I had just re-engineered the clock to go backwards.

And then I stepped outside the room and saw a sexy witch and a hot mess Ronald Pimp Donald. It was Halloween and we were about to go downtown in Austin.

We realized parking close to 6th would be a near miracle so we parked in a campus garage and focused on the awesome outcome that would be: dancing the night away in costumes!

We walked, and walked, and the trek spanned a numerous amount of blocks.

Then we got into the club and it was great to be dancing. Sure there was dubstep. Sure I've never tasted anything quite so bad. But I was with my two bestest friends, and we were laughing and dancing the night away.

I just remembered some things about that night so viscerally.

Kyle hugged me so hard out of no where at one moment, and my instinct was shock, and I fought to just relax and accept it, even if it was given in a state of inebriation. We're best friends but he's not one for overt hugs and the like.

I remember the stiffness of the ground as we walked those many blocks away.

I remember seeing white paint everywhere from Kyle's make up.

I remember after we left we stayed around just meeting people for ages. It was like an outdoor concert with no line up. And people just didn't know what to do but stay.

This is my life, at age 21.

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