Monday, December 6, 2010


I think about all of the passions in my life.

A passion for the flavors in food, interior decorating, dance (mostly hip hop and contemporary), lyricism and melodies, acting, writing, fashion, advertising, and photographing.

I was doodling last night, and I created a big flow chart, where they all linked into another. I see dancing - closely linked in performance, creating a character, and embodying her fully. It's so easy to see that the difference between doing a choreographer's steps is in the movement, in the soul, and the expression of the steps. It's the same thing as tone and gesture while speaking. It makes a world of difference. Similarly, with writing, I get my style and my voice because I work hard to keep my writing honest. I know writing is one of those mediums that can capture the scene completely with these words that have meaning, and it allows me to be expressive while being experimental. But writing is also one of those mediums that can strip itself of all expression and can be devoid of emotion. So many emails are sent, and it's hard to discern what's genuine or what's a hurried mess of keyboard strokes. Everyone knows a gifted writer, dancer, or actor when they see the performance. And I truly think everyone is capable of a gifted performance in any realm, no matter the expertise. It just matters if what is shared is an honest confession.

I get so inspired and I want to create, and execute, and showcase so many different things. I have all these bountiful ideas.

I think this Fall, I've discovered more than ever that I am an artist. I want the world to strip off all of the connotations and go back to basics. I always thought, the word artist was bound by professional titles or affiliations and a need to sacrifice everything to pursue that singular dream. I am pursuing it every day, and I haven't said to the world that I am only a photographer, or a dancer, but I have only said that there is so much to come, in so many forms.

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