Thursday, January 7, 2010


My dad called me over to look at some emails my aunt forwarded him. She constantly emails him a slew of things... all chain emails that are random funny photos, neat life hacks like how to prevent someone from stealing your money at an ATM, pretty graphic videos of some atrocities that have happened in this world, and more.

My dad asked if I wanted to see a few of these videos and pictures. My ordinarily loud and straightforward dad suddenly became meek and said, "I don't want you to have bad dreams about it..."

I said, "I won't have bad dreams. I understand that there are bad things that happen in this world. And on the flip side, pretty miraculous things that happen."

I am not afraid of anything that has happened in the world. Similarly, I am not afraid of anything that will happen.

I watched a video and a slideshow. I definitely noticed a change in my reaction now compared to how I have acted in the past to these kinds of videos. I was calm. My thoughts of the world didn't change - my feelings of the images weren't compelled to hate, which could be one avenue to dealing. Instead I felt I was shown one facet of life. There are so many others. Facets of love and beauty. And I understand that. What's so wrong about peace, love and understanding?


  1. Aww...You are at peace with the world. That sounds so buddhistical. :)

  2. Or are we just too desensitized to it all? It's sad to think maybe we are.

    P.S. I heart your dad! He's the cutest!