Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One - Happy New Years!

Here is my undertaking: For one year, I commit to this blog. Every day, I will post a blog about my day: how someone's act of kindness has affected my life, how I have performed an act of kindness, and my thoughts about the perpetual struggle of positivity vs negativity

I wanted to start this blog to keep track of my progress towards positivity. Positivity is something that I've attained but, now, I must constantly strive to keep.

Now that I am positive, I can not even COUNT the ways it has changed my attitude AND my life for the better. I can't go back. There is NO WAY. I will fight tooth and nail to keep it. The disparity is that huge.

Today, and the other 364 will only be different because I will have some sort of permanent record keeping. I intend to use this blog to keep me on track... it is the first days after a significant change that everyone around you and the world seemingly, will want to change you back. I have to say NO, day in, and day out. And choose 'black'.

I've started the year in letting go. I've let go of someone I held very dear to me because I thought we were destined to be something more -- he gave me his word he would commit to me. And since he did not, then I can believe in my OWN STRENGTH, brush myself off, move forward, and appreciate that I'm not numbed, I am proud that I POSSESS AN OPEN HEART. I carry this as a lesson learned.



  1. Congratulations on the new outlook on life :) Hopefully eventually the positivity is effortless. It should turn into a attitude change. You shouldn't have to fight tooth and nail to keep it. Bad things do happen... and it's fine if you react to them initially in a non positive manner. It's how you let them affect you in the the long term that truly matters.

    Regardless of what may be our disparate views on the subject, this endeavor is definitely coming from the right place, and it'll be interesting to see how this progresses through the year.