Saturday, January 2, 2010

FML No More.

I deleted FML from my iPhone. F-my-life is a microblogging site dedicated on highlighting unfortunate events that happen to people, for other people to laugh, to commiserate, or to just feel like their life isn't as bad. I've eradicated that influence -- the thought of even comparing one's situation to bolster my own, to use it as fodder to fuel my self-esteem, or to be unable to offer encouragement or a kind uplifting word meant that FML served no purpose in my life.

So, I have replaced it!

Check it out: GIVESMEHOPE.COM is the positive counterpart to FML. ADD it to your bookmarks, read the updates every day. It shares the acts of GOODWILL people do for others. I FINALLY get to hear about the amazing things people do. I'm so glad to hear that sphere's of influence are being affected all over the world with these simple stories. Staying positive is a fire, and I gotta keep it burning. :)

I saw this gem at PostSecret. I commit to bare myself, to be raw, and honest, and open in order to remain happy. I don't regret a second that I live this way. :)

See you tomorrow.

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  1. I didn't know about either site...thanks for the links!