Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm so pleased that my brother's birthday is coming up! Not only do I get to have one last huge family gathering before school starts up but I already presented my brother his gift; it is the gift of the Beyond Excellence Leadership Program that has so deeply impacted my life.

The beauty of it is, my brother WILL go. I have the funds, and I really see it as the ability for someone to get cleansing. Everyone needs to refresh and get to know themselves. My parents can choose whether they'd like to contribute (like a community present). This is a $2,500 package that is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I guarantee it. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Check out the video that inspired me to attend: http://www.discoveru2.com/be.cfm

My brother is excited to go - but he has NO idea what he's in store for. I'm so glad I kept a tight lid on things.

I'm just going to enumerate some of the amazing changes that happened because of the program, during and after it:

I am excited to go back to school; I know how to be a better President for UNICEF by having a clear vision; I took action to be the one to express my love for my parents; driving is enjoyable and I do it much more confidently; there are no masks, I strive to be the same strong person in every environment; I knocked out an 8 page essay on Japanese Energy security in 5 hours; my face looks different to me - I am beautiful ; health is a major priority for me; I am getting my medical check ups (before I never had a physical in my life); I can control my food portions and I savor the flavor of it! ; hugs are my favorite; showing emotion and feeling is STRENGTH not weakness; being honest not only helps you but helps build trust with the people around you; I donated my clothes to Goodwill for the first time; my packrat tendencies have really diminished; I enjoy spending money on things that will make my life better (before I felt guilty); I allow people to make the decisions they want, knowing that who they are was shaped by the many experiences they've had; I understand human psychology better than ever before; prejudgments are wrong, you can learn something from everyone; living positively is to really live, because you have an attitude for success.

I can go on forever. :)

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