Tuesday, January 19, 2010


FYI: My internet at home is not working! But I move forward and find a solution. I am at school at 3 in the morning because I love this blog and I committed to it. So despite missing my 1x a day deadline, I am here making amends! :)

So earlier, I was walking home from my first day back at school this semester, after one of the best days I can remember (I'll go into that in a bit). I was walking past the Student Services Center, and there was this young man in business casual clothes, heavily scrutinizing the UH Campus Map.

I immediately stopped, and asked "Are you lost? Do you need help?" And his visage of confusion changed instantly and he said, "YES!" and he smiled. I said, "What do you need help finding? I used to be a student recruiter and I gave tours of the campus, so I know every building practically..." He let me know a little bit about himself, such as, he was a Freshman and that he had no idea where Agnes Arnold, Fred J. Heyne, or the Roy G Cullen Building was.

These are all buildings where I've had classes, so I gave him brief concise directions and he was very pleased to be pushed in the right direction to his destinations. He kept thanking me, and for the amount of effort I put in, it was nothing. Really. He even noted that the fact that I just stopped and asked was really nice.

Many people have been kind to me, and I've been blessed for that. But someone who has been especially kind to me in my academic career has really imprinted the notion of performing an act of kindness without a cause, but not only that, but to provide a sustainable support structure. I could have very well been a blip in this young man's life. He would be nevertheless grateful, and I would have done a good deed, but I know that Freshmen are prone to silly questions and ignorance. As a Junior, I'm not as susceptible, so I would be able to help him out. I told him to look me up on Facebook and on the spot, he added me to his Friends list. I let him know, if he has questions about campus life and miscellaneous 'college' stuff, feel free to ask away. We exchanged numbers because he let me know he does have quite a bit of confusion, and that would probably be the best way. [No he was not hitting on me - let's clear that up right now, LOL]

I know that I would have appreciated that to no end when I started college. That's what it's all about -- giving away what you know the person needs. Seeing a need, and offering.

Back to my earlier point. Today was so amazing because I felt so loved. Everywhere I turned, I recognized people, my friends, and even if they're acquaintances that I haven't developed a full-fledged friendship with, it truly felt like it was simply the case of circumstances and constraints. Not enough time, not enough class together, and the difficulty of juggling so many priorities. Today I felt like there were no excuses, and I really opened my eyes, and I was genuinely excited to see people that I'm ordinarily blase or even reluctant to talk to. A wise man once said, "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." And on that note, today felt like the first day of days I will get to know my fellow peers better.

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  1. It was kind of you to help the fellow. Some of us would just ignore.. well done