Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whatever it Takes.

Today we had our first general UNICEF meeting and I thought it was really great. :)

The feelings I have with leading meetings last semester juxtaposed with how it went today (and how I believe the tone will be set for the rest of the semester) is fully capable. I feel completely confident. When I am, I can calmly work on things the night before and leading up to the meeting without freaking out. I will do the best I can, whereas before, it was interesting: I think I procrastinated because subconsciously I was expecting the results I pictured in my head. Mediocrity... But aha! I will achieve excellence.

I really am changed forever. It's so evident with a small example like having a meeting. I feel genuinely excited to speak to new members. They could carry the torch later on! I also find that thinking about the fact that: these people came out of their day for a reason. They want to help change the world. Give them what they expect and overdeliver. They are not here to judge you harshly; they are here, listening, open-minded and they want you to succeed at what you're doing. Because if you succeed as an officer of UNICEF, they will be better able to serve and volunteer, and it benefits them as well. And with that mindset, I deliver.

Don't get me wrong, there's that anxious energy running through my veins right before the meeting. The difference is a matter of cracked out neuroticism and an electricity in my veins. Two totally separate spheres, and the latter I have now achieved makes me feel like I'm on a gatorade commercial, not strung out like some addict before. Haha. I choose to focus on the outcome of acting idependent of my surroundings. When the clock hits 4pm, it is out of my hands to control who attends. I simply can not base my success or my mood on the turnout. It's because we operate on the principle of one. One person makes a difference. That's not just a highfalutin quote for me. It means that, yes our goal is to reach as many people as possible, but to never lose sight and undervalue the contribution that person can potentially make. So if there's only one person in the audience, the show will go on. :)

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