Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch up. Ketchup.

I get back on the wagon, no self-flagellation, but I'm forgiving because I know nothing is achieved otherwise. I'll complete a slew of posts by Monday night to catch up to my daily post commitment.

Speaking of catching up, it certainly sounds like ketchup. Ketchup, which is red, brings me to the topic of my favorite color. My favorite color is red for so many reasons.

I believe Red is the best color that embodies me. It's also an aesthetically pleasing shade! From crimson to a bright fire engine red, it's meant to stand out. That's just only one of the parallels.

Red is unapologetic. If it gets on your clothes, you can't get it out without effort, and the whole world knows it's there. Red has pride and knows it was created to be shown. It was meant to perform and to be seen. Red doesn't speak in a wimpy voice, not does it have a wimpy appearance. Red is decisive and knows what it wants.

Red is passionate. It's the shade that goes with any kind of sale with desire, ecstasy, lust, but I think it's more universal than that. It's the shade that corresponds the feeling of anger, passion, and the deep feeling that utilizes a lot of heart. To me, these are the feelings of being truly human. There's nothing wrong with feeling these. I must say that the way I channel these red feelings is in a very positive passionate (red) way, or a very calm (blue) zen-like peace, love, and understanding.

Red is life. It's the blood in our veins. The pink-red blush that is applied on women's faces to mimic vibrancy, youth, and vigor. It's symbolic to the beauty in the world. It's what I want to stand for. I want my life to be as vibrant as the miracle within me -- all of the systems working in conjunction, my lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and more. I never want my life to be stagnant. I want to always grow and work towards my dreams, and in doing so, live my dream. I want to be a life well-lived.

Red is love. My philosophy is predicated on love and this hippy-ish fascination with understanding others. I check myself often to make sure I am not gossiping about others because I realize one comment at the detriment of someone is one comment lost to uplift them. I desire to train myself to attain discipline like a monk. To think above the activities of people and what they do, but to concern myself with ideas. Petty people concern themselves with gossip and people. I want to be someone of ideas and implementation. Someone that looks towards creating a better world.

When I was old enough to think, I believe I realized -- red is me.

I used to be a yellow. Yellow is passive. Yellow says yes to everything. I appreciate yellow's optimism however. :) That, I have kept.

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