Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Calhoun Lofts.

I adore Calhoun Lofts.

It's swanky, it has study lounges on every floor, it's clean, and the terrace on the 9th floor is to die for. It has yoga classes only for residents there and cooking classes too! Its facilities are many and it has its own convenient store on the bottom floor. There are too many great things about it. Anyway, I stood looking out to downtown, the engineering buildings, the UH architecture building, and spur-5. It's not as beautiful as the view from the Hilton Americas, but it's a view that's gorgeous on its own.

My eyes were tearing up just looking outside. The really neat-o thing about the terrace is the lattice allows you to look out, and the open roof means you feel completely open to the outside at a high vantage point.

Imagine going home to that view every night. :) It makes you feel so small. Don't let life take you by without feeling the moments.

I love that this view is available to me, whenever I wish, and it's about a 15 minute walk, an open door, an elevator ride, and a short stroll to this magnificent view. Ever need inspiration? This is an automatic ticket.

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