Friday, March 12, 2010

Dance Party.

We decided it'd be much better to have our dance party not at a club but at the beach house. Equipped with friends anew, and friends of old, high spirits, a boombox that connected to our iPods, loud speakers, ample space, and the cool Galveston air, we found audience with my poor neighbors who had to listen to our festivities during the wee hours of the night. :)

For 5 hours, we danced. For many periods of time, we would fall on the couch in exhaustion, and get back up again when a particular beat or song revived us. I was fueled by the crazy dance moves of my many partners and there was arm linking, and spinning in circles involved. It was an experimental ground and everything was accepted. The currency was our dance moves, and the crazier, the better.

My mind was anchored to the Discover Leadership program. I felt my body was tired time and time again, but I danced anyway because I was told to, and magically, my mind awakened. It's chemical. Just smile. Just dance for a few minutes with your heart and soul poured into it. I guarantee you'll reframe your mind. There's no magic. I anchored that energy and when my fatigue began to set in, I did it anyway, and plowed forward, and my energy thus was endless.

If that's a secret, then that is my secret.

That was the best dance party I've ever had. I know there's better ones to come, but the success of the dance party was the attitude of the 4 of us that decided to dance 100% full out. Two others decided to sleep, and they had a different account of that night completely. :) I felt such love, such respect, such adrenaline and energy that you can't match anywhere. There was no where I'd rather be.

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