Thursday, March 11, 2010

Postwar Juncture.

So yesterday I described what a postwar juncture is. It's this pivotal moment to reshape a new order.

I could let it slip. I could do it the way I've always done, but I know that in my heart I'd be dissatisfied. How can I expect different results if I continue the same approach??

I stuck to my guns. And I expressed my truth.

I had conviction. I know that what I feel in my heart isn't wrong, and that the 20 years I've had on this Earth is just as powerful as someone else's experiences, no matter how traumatic. When it becomes a battle of "You don't understand, I've been through X, Y, and Z," there is already the expectation. It's in the language. What they feel is just as real as what you have felt. There is no Richter scale of emotions. It's all relative to your experience. But who am I, or anyone else to say that I've been through worse and thus, you are invalidated. No one has that ability. No one can take away anything you don't give. But all too often, we trust our friends, trust them enough to use their judgments for ours. Trust your heart. Trust your friends, but trust your heart more. In this situation I trusted mine.

I believe that the differences between people could be equally looked at as a strength or a weakness. I believe differences are expected. It is so expected that drawing attention to them is a waste. Using it as an excuse, is what society allows as common practice if you let it. I am aware that there are two camps. Differences are great, and differences are bad. I'm in the first camp. I choose to focus on the strength and the commonalities between others. Someone who is more different than you can show you places on your 'map' that you've never thought existed. You've just gotta be willing to 'travel' and recognize that everyone can teach you something about yourself and the world. If you think you've covered all of the territories on your map, it will probably highly annoy you to hear about things that you already have a set and determined opinion of. Saying to someone that you two are very different people, and leaving it at that is a poor man's way out. Something that's a source of pride, our differences, becomes the alibi against coming together and understanding. It takes a lot of work to reach a level of peace, love, and understanding. I don't believe in it as the final say. As a nail in the coffin.

I don't think I've lost a friend. I think I've stepped up my standards and am more vocal about who I am and what I stand for. I have a high standard of integrity, character, and trust. It's nothing I wouldn't expect from myself. Not everyone will agree with me but that's okay. I love them regardless, as human beings, and my brothers and sisters. One cannot be a leader in this life, without leading oneself. I've made the decision to have those qualities of character be my guiding principle. What I chose to do, is completely in accord with that. I was decisive, and if there is misunderstandings, I'll have to correct course later. But I'm glad I did what I did.

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