Monday, March 15, 2010


The Wave. I got to revisit the carnival ride of my dreams. It was actually eye-opening. I could see how it petrified my brother and I as children. I was located on the wrong side. I remembered I kept trying to sit in the seat normally meaning I kept scooting over towards the middle, but the centripetal force of the Wave prevented me from that. It was a workout, and for my 8 year old self, I was no match for it. Vivian and I had the best time. It had the best music and it was like a dance party at the Rodeo.

We had the best foods. Fried oreos. Crawfish etouffee. Roasted corn. Turkey leg. A bloomin' onion. Dip N Dots. And water. :) Every calorie was worth it.

The rodeo artwork was simply inspiring. I wish I took advantage of the days I had in middle and high school and developed my craft. It's not my goal or focus now, but I still have a soft spot for the arts. Anyone can draw, and with enough refinement and practice, you can be great. The talent of these kids really inspired me.

All of the vendors at the rodeo were really entertaining. I learned a lot. I learned how the rodeo works. LOL. I saw a show where cows were displayed. I saw children ride on sheep and try to hold on for as long as possible. I won a gift bag from Reliant for choosing the right key in a bowl of a dozen keys! I took a gag photo with a llama. I took a photo with Ms. Moo. I took a photo in a huge tractor; it was my first time in a tractor. I saw a beehive, and learned about bees. I saw an incubator with eggs and hatching chickens. That was magical. I got to pet rabbits in baskets. :) I saw the biggest rabbit I have ever seen. I have a newfound reverence for cows. Their skin is so soft, and they are so big, the ground shakes as they trot. They are so powerful and beautiful. They produce 2000 gallons of milk a year on average. Oh my goodness.

I learned so much and talked to different people. Cowboys have their charm. I admit it. :)

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