Monday, February 22, 2010

Song Love.

One of my favorite things that keeps me happy in this world is the gift of song obsession. What is song obsession?

*It is thinking about a song to the point of all-near consumption. I'd still have to say it's within the bounds of reason though.
*Anytime I am near a car, computer, mp3 player, or any controllable music player -- I MUST put that particular song on or long for it endlessly.
*I PUT IT ON LOOP. Mixing it with other songs makes it a tease. I know I love the song; it's simple, I listen to the song continuously until I tire of it.
*I wanted to listen to the song so bad on my drive home to Spring (only a 30 minute drive) that I took a rewritable CD I had (Sorry Alexisonfire) and rewrote the album with one song. I didn't have the song on my harddrive because I discovered it from Youtube so I found websites that downloaded the video (.flv file). I converted the .flv file to an .mp3 after lucking out on the 2nd software I downloaded that claimed to perform this function. The first software had a trial feature so I only had 2 minutes of the song. :) I persisted, and had the 5 minute song on the CD. I found solutions!!! I was so proud. This is what song love does to you.

It really is comparable to how I feel when I fall head over heels for someone. I'm drawn completely. There's no one else, and nothing tires me about the person. It's not true love of course, so I guess a more fitting term for this scenario is song lust. This is the exciting period where I've gotta have it and if I don't, I can't wait to let my ears hear it.

The beautiful song is by deadmau5 and Kaskade called
I Remember.

I heard it first on a website for a hairstylist that linked a friend that did tattoos. (Confusing I know) The music just fit so well with the ongoing fascination I have with the night cityscape. There are a few moments I have that correspond with the song. Definitely my sense of wonder as my eyes peered over the Tokyo cityscape from Tokyo View and the many views from rooftops or high places. Also, the movie Lost in Translation where Scarlett J. is performing karaoke from a building and you can see her silhouette from the bustling street at 2 in the morning. She's wearing a wig, singing her drunk lungs off, with Bill Murray and complete strangers. I love that. That's the feeling I return to when I listen to the song. I Remember all of these nights and the feeling of letting go. I am also reminded of that really fun night in Washington D.C. at night where a friend and I searched for alcohol and it was an adventure. I think about Downtown Houston at night with a couple of friends and I, going on an exhilarating photoshoot.

Life is so fun. And this song completely reflects that. I continue to listen in wonderment. :)

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