Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Commitment.

Here it goes, 7 posts in a row to make up for lost time. They'll be quality don't worry. I'm in the right frame of mind - with this beautiful song on my side. :)

I want to go back to two Sunday's ago. The night at Illusion Lounge.

Life is not meant to be lived on the sidelines. I think this was a prime example of that.

Everyone in the group I went with refused to dance with me, up until the last hour of the night. I'm proud that I got them all to dance though! :D What a great night.

Though alcohol was needed, which I successfully retrieved from someone else, but the main point is, NO ONE NEEDS ALCOHOL to get through things. Liquid courage is a crutch and one needs to see that for what it is. I take it so seriously because a lack of confidence breeds itself into socially acceptable habits like drinking, self-deprecation, and saying things like "I just can't dance."

If everyone in the club was dancing, would I be dancing? The answer is yes. There's just that energy in the room and it's infectious!

What if there's a handful of people around the room but no one dancing? Does my fun remain dependent on others' actions? No. This is a drastic departure of thinking I have. I will still bring the party and get it started regardless of whoever else is with me!

It's always great to have support, but trends start somewhere. The greatest leaders at one point stood alone.

Rosa Parks sat in the seat she wasn't supposed to. She incited change, and despite her humility in saying she just didn't want to get up because she was extrememly tired, she is A LEADER. So many other people are such inspiring leaders for taking a stand, and being different while others didn't say a word.

Change really starts with you and your attitude. <3

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