Friday, February 26, 2010

Team Personality.

If I'm left to function as I am, I am a 'High C'.

This means I'm very conscientious and analytical. I like to think my decisions through before reaching a judgment.

The other 3 major categories are D, I, and S.

A brief description of each:
D - absolute gunslinger. You shoot from the hip. You are a 'leader' in the extreme form of the word, meaning you are very vocal about what you want and you take major risks. There is a lack of planning and implementation however, but you mean well. You take actions now, and explain later!
I - You are a social butterfly and you love to get the party started. You like to make sure everyone has a good time and that everyone knows your name and you know everyone else's name. In a team dynamic, you focus on morale and making everyone feel good.
S - Ah. The S. This is so the old me. The S type loves consistency and really, in a team dynamic, they are focused on steadiness and consistency. They are the followers of the group, and as everyone knows every team needs followers to implement ideas and carry forth the vision! S types are VERY LOYAL but they absolutely despise changes in the plan after they have wrapped their heads around how to achieve an objective.

I am a C. C's are the brains behind the operations and you can't have successful projects unless someone is clearly thinking rationally from a business standpoint, a feasibility standpoint etc. Of course nothing is impossible! But there are so many resources vying for our time and effort, if we commit to certain projects, we must see how it factors into committing to other projects. That's the trade off.

But I've learned to be a D in situations that call for an extreme leader. It calls for someone who's direct and forceful and confident. I am definitely an "I" on a day to day basis and especially at social events. I really feel like I'd be a great host or party planner because of that. :) Lastly, I am an S. I came from an S background, so I know how to play the role, but to be honest, it's my least favorite role because it provides no growth for me. I know how to follow instructions and do things for the good of the team. My word is ALWAYS bond.

I think people should recognize these personalities and see that one is free to move from letter to letter and even a combination of such in a given situation. Oftentimes, I combine my D & C to take action now yet lead people in a sound manner, so we don't have to backpedal and realize the schemes of our planning was shaky.

Think about it. What's your Team Personality?

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