Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm protecting my dreams because no one else has them.

I protect them like a mother hen over her eggs, waiting for her warmth to hatch them to life.

I know everyone else has them too. Everyone has their dreams, or this inclusiveness that encroaches on the lives of others. This is fine. It's interacting, it's being friends, it's spending time with those you love.

I know it's my time to be the gatekeeper of my dreams however. I know that I will make time for my loved ones. But I know my focus will be on pursuing my dreams and passions.

These include artistic hopes, meeting physical benchmarks, and professional/technical dreams.

I know the big obstacle with that is the sentiment "There is always time in the day for those you care about." This is definitely true, but at the same time, too much time has gone on where I have not gone on an adventure to pursue my dreams. I have a lot of make up time to catch up on. So as kinesthetic and people-oriented as I am, I am making a choice to do some independent projects.

In the scheme of things, I have to say yes to myself in order to truly say yes to others. And I hope those around me will understand that it doesn't mean a literal 'yes'. Often it will be a no. But it is the best decision I will ever make. This is for me; this is my now.

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