Sunday, April 4, 2010


I got to see the festivities of a legitimate Easter Egg hunt. I remember my own hunts like it was yesterday. Only 2 are vivid in my mind. One was where my dad advised me to get certain eggs, laid out in the open. There was fierce competition amongst the children, and I was certainly intimidated by it. I just listened and did what I could. The other easter egg hunt was really interesting. It was the first time a great effort was taken to conceal the eggs and place them in inconspicuous places. :)

This one was the latter, and while I did not get to participate, I got to watch the whole thing unfold. It was really amazing.

The smiles, the children running, her dad getting a ladder to assist the kids in getting an egg on a tree branch, and witnessing some pretty candid moments was amazing.

I spent time with another family and their dynamic was very loving. It wasn't overly done, but I think they choose it to be that way. Their love shines from underneath but you can still see the glow.

I am proud my family glows and we're much better about saying and showing it more.

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