Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fray.

I love the Fray. I get a warm feeling that's entirely visceral when I listen to certain songs of theirs. Not all of them are hits; some are a miss, but for the most part all of their songs have this intangible quality of heart.

From a really granular level, I really respect the concept of a band. It's a group of people that have one love -- music. The music changes according to the fluxes in emotion of the members within the group, changing life situations, maturity or maybe even moral decay. I think it's such a testament for this group to combine and create songs. These songs have all the layers of instruments and vocals and with such a difficult process, I can hardly believe fans expect albums like clockwork. An artist produces excellence, but like the natural order of the world, this too will work itself out. Don't fret, just appreciate the numerous other artists out there your ears have yet not had the pleasure of hearing. Do yourself that favor, why don't you?

The Fray makes me feel poetic and free. I feel light-hearted and my life gets less granular while I remember what's important. It's not about the egos or the pride. It's not about the details that distract. It's about the overarching picture that I am in love with the world and the world is unbelievably in love with me. I appreciate the moon, the stars, mountains, and the urban landscapes my fellow man has made, but even more, I love my fellow man. I may lose sight of that sometimes, but I do.

That is my focus.

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