Thursday, April 22, 2010


It finally happened yesterday.

And like I predicted a long time ago, whatever happened would be exactly what was supposed to happen. I knew that no matter how uneasy I would feel about the vacancies on the ballot, I trusted the process. And, everything fell into place, and we have a full group of officers. :) Hearing all of the candidates' speeches imbued with heart, body, and soul truly made their President proud. I heard some gratitude that I never knew existed, and I never would have known about unless an event like this: where they had to be put on display to an audience about why they love UNICEF and what they want to contribute later on.

I am very glad that I believed in the 'I' in team and made a difference to encourage as many of those to believe in themselves to run for office.

Every time I got a shout out in a speech, it truly touched my heart. It made me realize that I had influenced a lot of people not only to join UNICEF but to stay. <3

I look at the line up of officers and there is peace in my heart. I won't name names, because I don't have to. Where there are those who do not possess the strength and vision to bring UNICEF forward yet, they have the overall strength of those around them that will pull them through. Not just pull them through, but make a shift in their SPIRIT, and ATTITUDE. So as a team, I believe that the positive energy will overrun the negative. I am not worried, but I do know that there is quite a bit of legwork on my behalf to feel completely satisfied that I gave them ALL the tools they need to succeed.

I have 20 minutes left on this clock, and every minute will count like it was one of the first!

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