Friday, April 23, 2010

That Moment.

In Garden State, Natalie Portman asks Zach Braff, "Have you heard of The Shins?" He says, "No." She says, "Listen to this song. It'll change your life." He listens to it for a while, takes off the headphones, gives it back to her, and approves.

Sometimes I know when a moment like that is going to happen. A moment where I feel a connection with the music, the person next to me, nature, or the energy in the room.

It happened when he slipped his hand around mine and complimented my ring on my hand.

It happened when I heard Radiohead's The Reckoner for the first time.

It happened when I talked to Dr. Little in his office about my Thucydides essay.

It happens all the time, but it's still a wonder.

I believe you can fall in love with more than just a person. Who says it has to even be physical. You can fall in love with sounds. The spirit. The way something makes you feel. I've said it many times before, I'm in love with this world. Love is about rediscovering in many ways and number of times why you love something. Every post in this blog is that rediscovery.

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