Monday, April 26, 2010

I Fell In Love With a Husky.

As I walked to my UNICEF officers' meeting, I was walking my usual way to school. I was approaching Wheeler when this beautiful... gorgeous... puppy with his mint condition, straight out of a Husky calendar, fur coat and beautiful crystal blue eyes that could forge peace accords between hostile nations, appeared right in front of me.


The dog walked as far as his leash would permit. The dog ambled over and just came before me, curious, and inquisitive. SO ADORABLE.

I stopped, and I was just in the moment. I knew I was running a bit late (terrible feeling), but I stopped. I asked its owner if I could pet him, and I knew nothing about its personality but that didn't stop me from sending out my positive energy. It turned out my guess was right, the dog was very friendly.

I stopped and talked to the owner, and while doing so I was utterly transfixed by the beauty of this animal. I petted the cute puppy's fur, and I frolicked with it, and I was taken away from the Earth in those few minutes. It was unbelievably amazing the way I felt.

I met one of the most adorable dogs in the world. And if I see my neighbor again, I get a free invite to check out his dog! :D

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