Sunday, April 25, 2010

Korean BBQ.

My cousin chose to have our family eat Korean Barbeque instead of the typical Vietnamese or Chinese cuisine.

So I got out of my comfort zone and ate it. There were these ribs that were flavored and marinated Korean style. Also there was a soup that was spicy, and you were supposed to crack a raw egg into it, and let it sit for a while to cook, but you were supposed to eat it in one gulp. That was interesting. Haha!

The fish pictured above, was with every entree so I ate it with my rice. They had little small bowls with various foods - kimchee, and other things I don't remember.

All in all, it tasted very Japanese. Bland at most times or outrageous in flavor. And distinctly clean tastes. You can pick apart the flavors. There is little oil used, so it adds to the clean taste. It is hardly greasy, which is very different from Chinese and Vietnamese food.

:) I would not mind trying it again, but just a forewarning to those who are thinking of trying it: it won't get you completely full so get dessert after or eat a snack beforehand.

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