Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Remember that day it snowed?

When the world was turned upside-down because of the atmospheric miracle taking place?

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. I just looked at my snow pictures.

Everything takes on a Romantic quality. The world slows down, and we remember again that beauty is everywhere. Your car that you overlook, well with snow on it, you smile. You remember all the great places it has taken you. You know it's your gateway from point A to B and that it is a pleasure to have.

The ground. The concrete slab you walk on. That was hand-made. The sky. So mysterious. Sending the bountiful gifts of snow and rain. Everything has its purpose and its place in the natural order.

What else but things like snow, can bring such fun thought association? :)

No one can help but play outside, throw snowballs, make snowmen when it snows. It makes the world stop because it is a proponent of the things that we sometimes forget to do, and put on the back burner if things get too crazy. Snow is the great equilibrium. So are natural disasters. With those other deadlines rendered moot, what do you have to focus on?

What you focus on will expand. Life goes on. We don't need snow to anchor in these lessons at all. It's certainly fun to have. We can do things like volunteer, do the things we enjoy, and spend time with the people that make us whole. Every day it may snow if you allow it to in your mind.

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