Friday, April 9, 2010

True Blood.

Godric is the best character on the show in my opinion. He is the Ghandi; he's responsive not reacting, and always one step ahead.

The vampires in the show feed off human blood and while they can potentially live forever, having a stake driven through their heart can make a vampire splatter all over the floor. Not pretty.

Godric's philosophy about the way the humans and vampires should coexist bring a lot of parallels of humankind coexistence to mind.

If we were to only learn from the mistakes of others and really look past our impulses and consider ourselves as not just members of particular political organizations, enthusiasts of hobbies, or a race, but instead a member of the collective human race - then we would conduct ourselves far more differently and with more peace, love, and understanding.

If we thought in terms of the big picture, that if we want to create a movement where vampires and humans can evolve and move away from its predator/prey relationship, the change needs to first happen within oneself. This is not an issue of our leaders to fix, nor is it a problem too far away.

It's a show that probes into the contemporary issues America and the world are struggling with. And it's not a bad deal that some of these vampires are deliciously gorgeous.

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