Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Being Genuine.

At work, I've been trying to keep my whole identity separate. Not completely, but I've been attempting to keep my professionalism be the focal point first.

I'm by nature a very happy go lucky, always laughing, Ms. Positivity kind of gal. I love hugs, to be kind, and to think of the person before the argument. This is how I am in my home life.

My work life, I have to understand there's a balance of getting things done and my given nature above.

After talking with a friend for a long time about how he kept his identity separate, and how after being AUTHENTIC and genuine, people tend to trust you more, and people tend to just open up and are more comfortable, then I think the work comes from a better place.

I agree. So I change my approach. I will be more open and genuine to others at my work. I want them to trust me, to get to know me, as a human being. And what better way than to... do it first.

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