Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I feel like I'm in a really good place in my life.

But I feel like I want to pass this forward to someone or something.

I've thought about my future and if there's a pet dog or cat in it. I've thought about having a pet rabbit again too. It filled my heart full of joy to think about my first apartment or living space, and a pet rabbit or dog to greet me every night.

I've thought about what I wanted. Do I want kids? I adore kids but as my own that I take home with me - not yet. Not anytime soon.

I've thought about how I'm very content with myself. If I only had the graces of others in my life as friends and supporters I'd be happy. But I know it'd be a different kind of happy if there were a significant other to share it with.

2010 is still young. Every day is a new day. As I experience new things, this could change.

As Ben Bayol said, "Most plans are just inaccurate predictions." Every thing I have thought about in my life time, will prepare me for the moment when I'm faced with the choice of having kids, settling down with someone, or not.

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