Saturday, May 15, 2010


I would like to say, with conviction and belief that I have nothing to hide.

I dig, and I uncover, unearth my demons, and there isn't anything that I find necessary to hide. Sure there's instances of TMI - too much information, but I'm not hiding the person I am. I just believe my past, doesn't matter. What I carry right now, the person I project to the world, is what counts. Please don't mistake my reluctance to speak about my past to be a symptom of hiding something. I don't find backward glances to be fruitful. Why dwell, when we can all move forward?

As of late, I've been thinking too much about what to censor. For now, I've drawn the line at keeping the anonymity of those around me; I will keep their privacy intact. They haven't signed off that I may speak about them - but the experiences that are purely my own, they are mine alone. Knowing where to draw my own personal privacy lines are a big question for me.

I think there's something to be said about feeling comfortable enough to bare it all on a medium as permanent as the internet.

After the Beyond Excellence leadership program, I wanted everyone to know everything and anything about me. I craved it. I loved how that felt.

I think it's time to remember - and to incorporate that faith.

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