Friday, May 21, 2010

The Jump-Rope Game.

So at Dave and Buster's and a lot of other 'game' places, there's a game where a red line crosses where your feet are, and you must jump precisely when the red line comes, or you lose.

It's incredibly hilarious, and it does require coordination believe it or not; I've seen way too many people lose on the first jump and wonder why, and swipe there card 2-3 more times and not learn. You look, and you react when the line comes.

But I just have to say, it is so incredibly fun. The rope increases speed every time you successfully clear it, and on my best try, I got to jump approximately 8 rounds. :) It was great!

I started screaming when I was doing really well, which probably prevented me from winning the jackpot, but nonetheless I did a lot better than anyone else I observed.


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