Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sent from Japan.

At my birthday - I was pulled into the bathroom by Sara. We talked for a few moments, and quickly Chau went to the bathroom and instead of going, we just walked out. I thought nothing of it. :)

I got back to the waiting area and Kyle told me to open his present immediately.

I liked this new take charge attitude in him, so of course I obliged.

I lifted the flap with the tape on it, and I suspended my disbelief. I thought to myself, oh god, if it's a Sentox Box I'm going to laugh but I'll be really pissed because I could have called it. [A sentox box is a 24 reference - it's a box that would spew out sentox nerve gas, or in this case it would probably throw flour at me as a mimicry.]

To my surprise, I saw something glittery come up, and it turned out that it was a person inside! It was my Japanese friend Amber Khan.

It took coordination from most of my friends to get her in here and to plan it out. I was baffled. And it makes my heart smile when I think of team work happening on this level.

What a great present!

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