Saturday, May 1, 2010

Discovery Green.

Walking through the quiet night, we discover Discovery Green.

There are so many little things that make it entirely lovable.

There's the listening pods where you can have a conversation from 30 feet across from each other. It's how it spawns conversations about the physics involved. PHYSICS. :) Only Discovery Green.

There's the ice rink, where at night, to walk on it with great company is divine. Walking on white ice, with only slight chilly skies is unheard of.

The fantastic green hills. The fun artistic structures everywhere.

The pebble pathway that sits across the lake. The lake is so serene to look out on in the middle of Downtown.

There's so many little things that make it a great place. The fountains that keep you guessing as it periodically squirts from different locations. The jungle gyms and monkey bars that are empty at this hour, gives you a monopoly on these child play things.

Life is good. And it will always be that way.

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