Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hour.

Happy hour makes me so happy. Photo taken at Benjy's on Washington!

First of all - Things are so cheap. Sure it's a limited menu, but I have a really big sense of self-satisfaction when I get things for a good deal. My inner-frugal self just yells with glee.

Second of all - It's a mini-vacation and the release from a day of (presumably) hard work. Not a full-fledged bacchanal - but the name says it all - it's an hour or a short period of time to get your kicks.

Third of all - the best conversations result from letting go. Happy hours promote this atmosphere. Woot!

Fourth of all - I get to be the person that I most enjoy being - less dominant, and not focused on driving things to get from Point A to B but just relishing in the moment, focused on the conversation at hand and being with people I enjoy.

I'm in love with the concept. I'm also in love with going to them. They make me very happy.

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